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Its a Jetbike, honest…


There is nothing quite like a tournament or campaign weekend to inspire and kick start projects. So after a Small Matter of Honour last weekend, and the kicking my Grey Knights recieved; I decided to have a look at my Eldar again.

About this time last year I built a test model for my Dragon Rider unit (cough Guardian jetbike), and at long last, it has some paint on it!

Next up will be the Dragon Knights (Shining Spears) and then I need to build some more stuff. Probably more Dragon Riders; but I might look at a tank or two.

Speaking of which, Night Spinner or Fire Prism?

Decisions, decisions…

5 thoughts on “Its a Jetbike, honest…

  1. 2 Fire Prisms working together always ruins my day…

  2. Fire Prisms are nice in pairs, but don’t write off the humble falcon with it’s ability to carry around a small unit such as a scoring dire avenger unit.


    • Rathstar, I completely agree about Falcons which is why I normally run one or two. However looking run this eldar army slightly differently to my current setup.

      Thinking about a pair of Prisms, plus a Night Spinner for the sheer annoyance factor. That’s a grand total of 345 points which is pretty cheap as far as heavy supports go. Unfortunately this also means the war walkers won’t make the cut 😦

      • Well war walkers are awesome in low points games so if you were taking this to escalation you might consider war walkers just for the 500pts game or 1000pts game

      • Agreed. I’m leaning towards war walkers as my third heavy support especially so I can use them in smaller games.

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