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The Plastic Knights


As part of the adaptation of my Grey Knights for their first tournament outing of 2012, my Purifier squad has got some reinforcements in the form of three psycannons, a force hammer and a force halberd. With this as an excuse, I got a box of the Grey Knights (in power armour) from Unispel a few weeks ago; and they are now finally finished and glued together.

I have to say I’m very impressed with this kit, which, although a little pricey (at £20 for 5), includes an insane number of options and extra bits. Unfortunately it only includes two psycannons, however converting the psy-silencer with a ammo clip and heavy bolter was very easy.

Anyway, enjoy…

Grey Knight Purifiers 2

2 thoughts on “The Plastic Knights

  1. May I ask your palette/method for painting your GKs please? Absolutely love them 🙂

    • Certainly, the main grey is built up from Adeptus Battlegrrey/Codex Grey/Fortress Grey/Stonewall Grey, the white is Space Wolfe Grey/Skull White, the blue grey is Shadow Grey/Shadow Grey-Space Wolf Grey mix/Space Wolf Grey highlight, and the green is Dark Angels Green highlighted up to Bilious Green.
      I have no idea what the new GW colours are so I hope this helps!

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