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Field Guide: Up From The Ashes

The Retribution of Scyrah is the combined arms faction of Warmachine. No where is this more apparent that in the Phoenix, the first of our 10 point heavy myrmidons. Although this guy makes it into almost every list that doesn’t include the big guy, I cannot claim to be an expert on how to use him so this article is an much for my benefit as anyone else’s. Continue reading

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Up From The Ashes

Apologies to anyone expecting any cricket references, which for the record is possibly the most English game in the world (who else would invent a game where it is easier to draw than to win?).

No, today I will be talking about the very excellent Phoenix heavy myrimdon for the Retribution of Scyrah, mainly because I’ve finished painting my one.

OK, the Retribution have newer shinier toys, and at 10 points the Phoenix is at the top of end of Iosan technology; however it has a few things going for it… Continue reading