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A (Very) Few Good Elves

I have already posted my non-Theme Rahn list and I will try that later in the winter once my Houseguard Thane arrives. In the meantime, I have a cunning plan with Rahn’s No Quarter theme list. When I used this before, I concentrated on getting two units of advance deploying Stormfall Archers on to the table, and while interesting, I think I may have missed a trick. Continue reading

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Field Guide: Up From The Ashes

The Retribution of Scyrah is the combined arms faction of Warmachine. No where is this more apparent that in the Phoenix, the first of our 10 point heavy myrmidons. Although this guy makes it into almost every list that doesn’t include the big guy, I cannot claim to be an expert on how to use him so this article is an much for my benefit as anyone else’s. Continue reading


Ravyn’s Revenge

It strange how just a couple of games can completely renew your enthusiasm for this hobby. For various fairly boring reasons, I have not been able to play much Warmachine over the last four weeks so after a long day at the office, I was very happy to be able to go to club on ‘Magic The Gathering’ night and break out my angry elves. Continue reading