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Its been strangely quiet on here since Smogcon. This hasn’t been because of any burnout on my part, but quite the opposite, I have been super busy. Super busy at home, super busy at work, and sort of busy with hobby stuff.

It is at time like these I’m actually really grateful to be part of this wargaming hobby thingy, because when life gets silly, this is something that I really enjoy, that doesn’t really matter (at least in the big scheme of things).

Anyway, since coming back from my first ever Warmachine convention, I have been on a bit of a Retribution bender. In my small Battlefoam bag I currently have three 50 point lists for Ossyan, Rahn and Vyros (Incissar of the Dawnguard); and I’ve lost with all of those lists over the last few weeks.

This said, I’m starting to relearn Rahn again and making some progress there; and I have completely redesigned my Ossyan list recently and removed his pet Hyperion, although this needs testing. And then there is Vyros…

I have to admit, I have a real soft spot for the Vyros myrmidon spam list, despite only owning four Griffons, but he still needs a heavy hitter. In the past I have used a Banshee, and more recently Discordia, for this role; and they have both added interesting things to the list, but Imperatus is Vyros’ pet heavy, and I finally have him painted…


With this 12 points of loveliness finished, I have another Character myrmidon to build, before I get sidetracked by the Journeyman League I am suppose to be running in May. Busy busy!!!

2 thoughts on “Imperatus

  1. Knocked this guy outta the park!

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