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Altered States

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Smogcon is almost upon us and despite my best efforts, my plans to take Cygnar are faltering. My original plan had been to take Siege, Sturgis and Lord Commander Stryker, however this requires some extra models, including a five Storm Lances.

I’m still (slowly) working on this, but it has become apparent I’m missing some fundamental elements in these lists, and the alternatives, including Captain Caine just do not mesh well with my play style. Enter a tournament this weekend…

With this being almost my last chance to try lists before going to England, I decide I needed to fall back on some casters I am practiced with. Initially this meant Siege, which was great until I looked at his list and discovered a 9 point hole left by a Defender that didn’t fit. Then I looked at Sturgis. That was ok, but he is not a real powerhouse. And of course Stryker I haven’t used because I’m still painting horses (I really hate those horses, rivets everywhere…).

So what to do? Well, over the last year I have mostly played Cygnar, but over the last three, I have played many more games with Retribution, and in particular Kaelyssa. Thirty minutes in War Room later I had three lists I liked with different Retribution warcasters and my decision was made for me, elves it is.

Unfortunately this come back did not translate to tournament results this weekend, but this is not surprising. However it has reminded me of how well I know this faction, and with the skills I have learnt with Cygnar in the last year, I have a new perspective. Annoyingly the first game I played with Ossyan I was dominating before I clocked myself.

Anyway this makes my next painting project the final Griffon for the eVyros list, and after that, I’m hoping to finish one more heavy. Together with Ossyan and Kaelyssa, I think I have the core of my three lists. Probably.

As an aside, I have also rebased my Hyperion recently, so here is a couple of photos. T-minus 12 days…



One thought on “Altered States

  1. Lots of us have been in the “Last” revisions and preparation before Tournaments. Sounds like some of your experiments in new factions also helped your “tried & trusted favourites”
    Have fun experimenting with ideas and painting additions.

    Your KOed dice are excellent. They are fair dice that still sometimes roll the wrong numbers at the wrong times(!), but they do give a fair average – unlike some previous dice I had to STOP using because their average felt like about 1.5 on numbers 1 to 6 !
    Thank you

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