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While You Were Away…

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After a bit of a break, I have finally got back to writing something. Hurrah! As surprising as it may sound, I have actually been busy painting and playing over the festive period. Unfortunately, I’ve also been busy with other ‘life’ stuff, so the blog has been on hold.

Anyway, now the unacceptable excuses are out of the way, here are some pictures of toy soldiers, specifically some reinforcements for my Cygnar, starting with my new favourite warcaster, Captain Alastair Captain…


To accompany the pistol totting bad boy I have finally got around to my Tactical Arcanist Core, aka the ‘Cloud Dwarves’, and Professor Victor Pendrake everyone’s favourite zoologist/monster hunter.



And finally we have Archduke Runewood…


At the moment I’m working on the five Storm Lances to join Runewood in Lord Commander Stryker’s 50 point list., however those might take a while.

And on top of all of this, I’m attending a local Steamroller tournament in just over a week. My objective will be not lose every game by the clock…

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