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Down Under

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Sorry everyone, I’ve really neglected this blog over the past weeks, although in fairness, this was because I was on holiday, in Australia; in case you hadn’t already figured that out…

This was pretty damn fantastic, however it does mean the gaming thing has been placed on the back burner for a bit. However now I have (sort of) recovered from the jetlag, the shock of going back to work, and my birthday; I’m back! Just in time for Christmas to take over everything in the household.

Still, before that happens here are some pretty pictures from down under.

Being the gamer that I am, I of course picked up a model in Good Games in Sydney, and one of their tape measures because it matches my Cygnar. My youngest son also picked up Munchikin Loot Letter, but more on that another time.

With my eye sight restored today (new glasses, hurrah!), there should be a few more blog updates in the coming weeks and a bit more painting going on. That’s the plan at least…

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