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Big Blue

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I might have said it before, but big robots are the reason I got into Warmachine, and obviously for steam power fighting robots, size matters. And Cygnar arguably have to best giant robot in the game. Well, it would be rude not too.

I bought my Stormwall before the summer after selling some bits at Gothcon. I was just starting to get back into Cygnar and the big guy looked cool, and added lot of guns; which is always a good thing. However I promised myself that I would paint my Storm Strider first, and the Lancer, and Gallant, and the Rangers. In short, I looked at the Stormwall and saw pile of bits to clean up, so a host of other little Cygnar projects came first, and rightly so.

Almost six months later I started using Siege again, and while the Defender was good, mostly, I wanted something with a bit more punch in his list. Coupled with the fact we are slowly moving across to 50 point games meant that I wanted a bit more battlegroup, so time for upgrades!

There is a good argument to say the Stormwall is the best Colossal in the game. This may or may not by true, but he brings some good stuff to the table. To begin with we have his guns, and the Stormwall has a lot of guns…

Guns Guns Guns

His big guns are basically short ranged Defender cannons, and his little guns are low powered Cyclone chainguns. In essence it is like sticking two Defenders and a Cyclone together in one classis. Although the Stormwall’s armament is slightly inferior, we are still getting 27 points of ranged weaponry for 19 points.

Well, I say inferior, but that is not the whole story…

The big guy also gets to throw out a lightning pod in any direction up to 10″ every turn, and then zap everything directly between the colossal and the pod. This not boostable, but it automatically hits and ignores little things like Stealth. The ‘zap’ is also not an attack, so rules triggered on attacks get ignored. The Lightning Pod also is immune to electricity and a triangulation point for Stormsmith Stormcalls. Considering it can also be used to contest scenarios and makes a very acceptable fire magnet for AOEs, these are rather useful bits of kit.

On top of this, the Stormwall has a pair of P+S 20 fists and decent armour. Both important for a faction that is generally pillow fisted (Hyperion, has the same selling points in Retribution). Importantly, Cygnar has quite a few Armour buffs available so the Stormwall can easily become very survivable.

Building Big Blue

Building the Stormwall itself was quite a task. The box comes with a lot of pieces, all in metal or resin. This took a long time to clean up and I’m pretty sure I didn’t find all of the mould lines. Assembling the Stormwall was actually less painful than I anticipated, even with the number of brass pins I put into the thing to hold it together. The bigger challenge was painting the colossal.

The last two large PP models I’ve painted, I have done in relatively small sections. For example, the Storm Strider‘s legs were all painted separately. The Stormwall on the other hand was built in two large sections, the leg and the torso with arms. And unlike the Hyperion, the Stormwall has a lot of different bits of armour and plating that want to be painted differently (different colours and different effects, such as NMM).


This took a long time and was kind of soul destroying, especially when I want to play the thing as soon as possible. Still, worth the effort in the end, I think.

One other interesting thing to note is that the piece of foam that comes in the Colossal boxes fits perfectly into PP’s wet palette, so I now have a replacement which is super handy.

Anyway, now Big Blue is finished, I can finally upgrade some of the army lists. Commander Stryker, Major Bisbane and Captain Haley have all been waiting for this guy so I suspect he is going to see quite a bit of time on the table eventually.

Unfortunately I’ve slipped back to the elves for a bits so he is going to have to wait for his big debut…

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