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Coming back Cygnar, it seems that many of my lists now compose of one or more ‘packages’. This probably needs some kind of definition. A ‘package’ is a very unofficial term for two of more units/solos/jacks with complementing synergies.

Warmachine and Hordes are full of these, today I’m just going to talk about the packages I use in my Cygnar, the roles these packages fill, and the built in synergies, and how those link to some of my warcasters.

The Triangulation Package

This is probably the first self contained package of models I used in this game, probably unsurprising considering my first warcaster was Commander Adept Nemo.

Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1)
Firefly Light Warjack (5)

This eight point package is designed to maximise the Stormcaller’s Stormcall special action, using the Firefly as a Triangulation point. This is good because the Firefly is significantly more survivable than a Stormcaller (whom have quite appalling defensive stats) so the opportunity is setup one or more triangulations is much much higher.

For this package to work, the Firefly needs to get up field quickly so it wants any movement buffs it can get. Access to Pronto from a jack marshal, Locomotion, Energiser, or Kaye’s Iron Horse ability are all good.

In additional to having one of these, General Adept Nemo, also makes the Stormcallers better, increasing their skill by one point and their damage output by two. Combined with the Silverline Stormguard, the little guys can potentially put out 15 power 14 attacks. And better still, these are not actually attacks so they ignore a lot of things that affect attacks, such as attack modifiers and Stealth.

Before finishing, it is important to note that the Stormwall’s Lightning Pods make a very acceptable replacement to the Firefly in this package. In the current meta this has all but replaced this setup because the Stormwall is pretty damn good to begin with.

centurion sideThe Anchor Package

One of Cygnar’s problems is survivability. Its heavy jacks hardly compare with the heavies in other factions with the exception of Cyrx Helljacks, which tend to be less common. This is a huge problem where scenarios are a thing and often you need a survivable heavy to contest a zone or flag.

Centurion Heavy Warjack (9)
Journeyman Warcaster (3)

Enter the much maligned Centurion. Although he is a little slow, doesn’t have a gun, and he’s MAT is poor for a Cygnar jack; he does have one redeeming feature; Armour. Khador players may giggle at this point, but armour 21 in Cygnar is a thing.
Then add his Polarity Shield so the Centurion can not be charged, and Arcane Shield from the Journeyman warcaster so he can be armour 24; and you have a very tough piece to anchor in scenarios. This is important in Cygnar.

As a sidenote, don’t think that Junior should be running the Centurion in his own battlegroup. He shouldn’t. Keep the Centurion on your warcaster because for a defensive piece, he can make a very solid beat-stick. Especially if your warcaster is Major Haley.

The Gun Package

Jack Marshal’s form natural ‘packages’, attaching warjacks to units, often to benefit from warjack drives. However there is a very good argument to say one of the best jack marshal’s in the game is one that doesn’t even have a drive.

Gun Mage Pistoleers (6)
Gun Mage Officer (2)
Hunter Light Warjack (6)

Before adding anything else, Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers are pretty good. Add their Unit Attachment, the Gun Mage Office, they become very good, because True Sight is a massive bonus for the obviously shooty army.

You could stop there and have a perfectly good unit. But the Gun Mage Officer is also a Jack Marshal, and instead of having a drive, he grants his warjack access to the Pistoleer’s rune shot ability. On a good ranged warjack, this is not remotely fair.

And the Hunter, is one of those good ranged jacks. He is not too expensive; has very good RAT to start with; fixes an armour cracking problem that Cygnar, and in particular Gun Mages have; has pretty reasonable defensive stats; and finally, it often only wants one boast.

The last time I faced one of these, he removed half the damage grid from a heavy with one shot. Not bad.

In terms of warcaster synergies, this package does not really use or need any. Blur from Commander Stryker or Capatin Caine is need on either the Gun Mages or the Hunter, but its not necessary.

GallantThe Gallant Package

Outside certain warjacks, Cygnar, as a whole, does not hard very hard. Accurately, yes. Hard, no. The Gallant Package is an attempt to overcome this challenge whilst having a piece that can anchor a zone in the same way as an Centurion.

Gallant Heavy Warjack (9)
Lieutenant Alison Jakes (4)
Harlan Versh, Illuminated One (2)
Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress (2)

As a nine melee point heavy, Gallant sits in a competitive place in Cygnar. For one more the Stormclad does almost everything better, and for the same points Ol’ Rowdy hits harder and is more focus efficient. So why pick Gallant?

Well, Shield Guard is useful, he has a magical Reach weapon which is unusual, and his real selling point is Defense 13. Unspectacular by itself, but combined with Lieutenant Alison Jakes’ Sidekick spell this becomes a very respectable Defense 15, on a jack cannot be moved out of a zone.

Add Energiser for additional threat range and Harlan Versh for a free focus point via Gallant’s Accumulator ability; and suddenly you have a warjack with a POW 17 sword, 13″ threat, which does not drain focus from your warcaster. Add Lanyssa Ryssyl and that threat becomes 15″  with a free charge. This gives you an anchor and beatstick in one package.

At this point, you have invested 15 points which is a sizeable chunk, however any caster with Snipe can make Versh a monster against infantry ‘enjoying’ the benefits of an upkeep spell. And Captain Haley’s Temporal Barrier spell is a great defense debuff which both Harlan and Lanyssa can make use of.

This particular package is the newest one I have added to my rotation and its one I’m keen to test with both Captain Haley and Commander Stryker. For some reason a Defensive 15, Armour 24 warjack appeals to me.

Anyway, there’s four of the packages I’m using today. I’m sure their are many more to test but that’s part f the fun of playing this game. Until next time, happy gaming.

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