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Summer Blues

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Yes, its been a while since I’ve updated this blog, and yes, that’s a bit of a running theme. However, interesting things have been happening. Honest.

OK, in fairness, the hobby thing has been a bit quiet but I have finished the Lancer from the Cygnar Battlebox I acquired several years ago. I originally had this guy in mind for Stryker‘s and Nemo‘s battlegroups, and then I noticed Siege has Rift on his spell list. Could be a thing…


In addition to this warjack, I have also got a Stormblade Captain, a Hunter, and Gorman de Wolfe painted over the summer months. Gorman in particular is a pain in the backside with with my favourite warcaster at the moment, Commander Sturgis. Snipe and those bombs is just plain nasty.

Gorman de Wolfe

Next on the list is Galiant and Alison Jakes, and then a raft of other solos. Anyhow, until next time, happy gaming folk!

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