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The Man With the Golden Card


Commander Dalin Sturgis, the man with the golden stat card from the Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter, is an interesting fellow.

For starters, this model is one of the most detailed 28mm miniatures I have worked on for a long time. Its insane; with lots of straps, buckles, over lapping armour plates and rivets. This said, I got him knocked out in three days which is minor miracle for me.

It is also worth mentioning that he came with a gold trimmed stat card (might have already mentioned this) and a very very shiny coin. These are really really nice.


The Man, the Feat, the Spell List

Dalin’s stat line looks an awful lot like Stryker’s, ie average. In fairness his defensive stats are quite respectable if not exciting, even if ARM 15 is very very killable, DEF 16 and Reversal should ensure he only dies to a concerted attack. However his other stats are a little misleading and he does have some hidden talents. For starters, he has a few abilities to boost his melee potential, or at least the delivery of that potential.

Relentless Charge is the big deal here. Pathfinder is rare in Cygnar (after all they have roads), so getting it when Dalin charges is really nice. That’s right kids, this caster can hide behind a low wall and still nail stuff in melee. A radical concept I know.

That’s right kids, this caster can hide behind a low wall and still nail stuff in melee.

Assuming he connects with both of his initial attacks, Chain Attack: Flash is one of my favourite abilities of this kind in the game. If triggered, Sturgis gets to be placed anywhere completely within 3″ of his current location. Just enough to skip straight past a large base model, and continue to put up to 14 additional attacks from his mechcanikal staff (thanks to Snap Strike).

Sturgis’ feat, Dead on Arrival, I’m conflicted about. It pushes models (but not warnouns) towards Dalin, does some magical damage, and in theory feeds focus to his battlegroup. While not useless, it does have the problem of moving stuff closer to him, including stuff you do not want closer to him.

My plan to use the feat to clump models together for the Thunderhead or covering fire to clear out, however I suspect the Squire might be a liability with the good Commander’s feat because with a larger control range you not breaking up an opponents army as you drag it. I probably need to play it a lot more, but in his first game I never found a good time to pop this feat.

I suspect the Squire might be a liability with the good Commander

His spell list on the other hand is solid, except for the two offensive spells. Convection could be useful in a squeeze, but most of the time Sturgis’ handcannon will do a better job. Lightning Storm, while a little expensive to cast, is more interesting if only because of the shenanigans possible with the feat. However the real money is from the other three spells on the card.

Arcane Shield is flat out great and one of the most useful spells in the game. Period. And Snipe is a close second especially as Cygnar has some pretty high range guns already. In particular, I like Snipe on the Storm Strider so you can electrocute support staff hiding at the back of the battlefield.

Finally, Teleport, is Sturgis’ get of jail free card. For a caster that wants to get involved in the game and kill stuff, it is vitally important to be able to run away to safety after he has done what he does.

And The Army

SturgisSo that’s Sturgis. There are plenty of ways to abuse his feat with covering fire templates, but for my first 35 point list I wanted to do something different and do something where Sturgis could act as a super solo. Working with the models I own, this is what I came up with:

Commander Dalin Sturgis

Stormguard (6)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Lady Ayiana and Master Holt

Journeyman Warcaster
Stormsmith Stormcaller

Storm Strider

This is a pretty compact army, but it has a lot of infantry clearing potential (assuming your opponent is not immune to electricity). Heavies are more of a challenge, although the Storm Strider and Thunderhead are fully capable of softening targets on the approach.

At 50 points, I’m probably going to add in a Gun Mage package and get some different solos in there. I have a Stormblade Captain sitting on my painting desk at the moment who should add some much needed punch. Beyond that, Stormwall is a obvious upgrade for the Thunderhead. Unfortunately my Stormwall is still in its box so that unlikely to happen any time soon.

While I’m not convinced he is going to be super competitive, I do think Commander Dalin Sturgis is going to be a lot of fun to play so expect to hear more about him in the coming weeks. Until next time, happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “The Man With the Golden Card

  1. If I even played Cygnar, this guy would be my caster.

  2. Just found your blog and I’m impressed by the quality of writing. Keep it up!

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