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The Disco Ball of Doom


Well, it only took a couple of months, but the Storm Strider is finally painted, finished, and ready for war.



Despite muttering that I would not purchase more Cygnar stuff until this thing was done, I’ve purchased quite a few more Cygnar models; however at least the battle engine gone┬ápainted first. Well, sort of, I did paint Captain Haley before it, but the Gun Mages don’t count because they got the Highborn paint scheme (a flimsy excuse, but I’m keeping to it).

Anyway, this beastie has a lot of potential, but I think its first missions are going to be with Major Haley, for the threat extension with Telekinesis and Temporal Acceleration (nothing surprising there); and Commander Stryker.

Yes, I did say Commander Stryker. Why? Well, firstly I would like to branch out from the Haleys and I have Stryker painted and ready to go. And young Colman does have a few things to offer the battle engine. Firstly Snipe isn’t shabby on a range 14 gun, and when things do get up close and personal, Arcane Shield and Stryker’s feat can put the battle engine to a respectable armour 26 for one turn.

Beyond, Stryker, Sturgis and Epic Epic Nemo will also make use of the Storm Strider. Nemo’s synergy is obvious (boosted electrical damage, yes please), and Sturgis brings many of the same tricks to the party as Stryker, but is a bit more fighty which I like.

Speaking I which, I need to assemble Mr Dalin Sturgis so that’s my job for today. Muhahahaha.



2 thoughts on “The Disco Ball of Doom

  1. I love the smooth painting style you have here. Everything is so neat, and the even the glowing bits don’t splash out. Great work.

    • Thanks! I need to practice the gold more. You have to be quite bold doing NMM and its really tricky on larger surfaces. Much happier with the small areas of gold on the Stormsmiths which came together more naturally in a single painting session.

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