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Well so much for the ‘post a week’ plan, however I’m back and I’m sure my life will be no less busy in June and July. However, I still need my writing therapy so here goes…

60040199041_40kStandardEdition01Firstly, in case anyone hadn’t noticed (and you could be excused by the lack of hype), Games Workshop have released the 7th edition of their Warhammer 40000 rules.

On the grounds I’m really busy at the moment, and I’ve played exactly one game of 40K in the past year; I have not picked up the new rulebook yet. However I do approve of splitting the book in three and having a much smaller book with the rules. And as always the artwork all looks incredible.

I do approve of splitting the book in three

Hopefully Games Workshop will release just the rules volume in the future, but if not, this is still better than lugging a big rulebook around.

On the Warmachine side, I have my grubby paws on No Quarter 54, complete with a preview of the new Cephalyx mercenary contract. Think Hellraiser and you will be on the right track. This issue also contains a new theme force for Kaelyssa, which is looks fun, apart from the fact I’m playing Cygnar at the moment.

Speaking of which, I’m still painting the Storm Strider. The main chassis is all but done, or will be when I finish the golf ball tomorrow. This said I still need to start the Stormsmiths riding it. Life allowing, it should be done before the end of the month so there will be pictures.

My original plan was to use the Battle Engine with Nemo, however I think it could be a thing with both of the Haley’s, as both increase its offensive punch; and Commander Stryker, for some extra threat range. With some of the same tools as Sryker, Commander Dalin Sturgis also has some potential with the Storm Strider, which is handy as I now have the model from the Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Cards

Actually, I have to admit I really like the look of Sturgis. A melee based warcaster is a nice change of pace for me (had a bit of an eHaley overload this year), and he has two of my favourite support spells, Arcane Shield and Snipe. He also has Teleport which allows for some interesting shenanigans with his feat and any area effects his army can muster.

While the obvious use for Dead on Arrival is to drag models into covering fire templates, I have some other plans for this feat involving Thunderhead but more on that tech another time after I’m built and painted the man himself.

That might be sooner rather than later because he has a very shiny gold trimmed stat card that needs to be used.

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