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May Day

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Easter has come and gone, and we are solidly into the spring, and I’ve been suspiciously quiet. So what’s been going on? Well, my Cygnar have been out of the box a few times, and I’m adding some reinforcements. Actually, quite a lot of reinforcements.

The Disco Ball of Doom

First up will be a Storm Strider, which is at the sub-assembly stage. So, everything is built and undercoated, but the five pieces need to be painted. In a rapid departure from norm, the base is actually already done and varnished. The remaining large bits have been airbrushed gun metal, sliver and then aluminium using the Vallejo Model Air paints. This has been proved to be a good test before I assemble my Convergence of Cyriss army later in the year.


As an aside, I’m really impressed with the Model Air. These are the first dedicated airbrush paints I’ve shot through my airbrush and it is a nice change of pace not to have to worry about the paint consistency. This said these metallics are a pain to clean so I would really recommend using proper airbrush cleaner with them rather than meths.

Anyway,  this is a model I brought when it was released three years ago so I am really looking forward to getting it finished and on the table. I thought this might be a quick job, but after starting the glowy bits on the storm generator, I am pretty sure this will take a while. Especially with the amount of non-metallic gold I going to paint on it.

The original plan was to use this with Siege, however I suspect the randomness of its main guns will get in the way of his feat, triggering its effects at the wrong. However, I reckon Nemo of all favours will like him, as will both Haleys. More lightning can only be a good thing and this Battle Engine brings a lot of lightning and shootiness.


Speaking of Victoria Haley, I managed to get her prime version killed extremely quickly in her first outing, taking several spells to the face. This is a challenge. So I have Gorman du Wulfe and some cloud dwarves (the Tactical Arcanist Core) assembled and ready to be primed. This working on the theory that hiding behind clouds is safer than relying on Arcanist Vortex. And that goes double for Prime Nemo who has even worse defensive stats and can use the dwarves as walking duracell batteries.

As the first rule of Warmachine is “don’t get your Warcaster/Warlock killed”, a little bit of defensive tech is definitely in order.

Griffon and ChimeraAnd Robots

All of this said, April hasn’t only been about Cygnar, my elves have also received some reinforcements in the form of two light mymridons; a Chimera to add Rahn’s theme list for the rare occasions I don’t want two Phoenixes to accompany the Hyperion; and a third Griffon for Epic Vyros.

When I get bored painted with Cygnar,I also have two more Iosan warcasters than need paint, and a small stack of other bits. Need more time methinks…

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