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Haley Squared

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Well, I was suppose to be highlighting two light myrmidons for my Retribution, but I started basecoating Captain Victoria Haley this evening instead.

Apart from trying to make myself as unpopular as possible (playing either Haley, Prime or Epic, will do that), I’m trying to build a couple of workable 35 point Cygnar lists from the models I already own and I have painted. For Major Haley, this process is relatively straightforward.

In the absence of a Stormwall, her battlegroup consists of Thorn, as a top notch arc node,  and a Centurion, as an heavily armoured freight train to wreck stuff. This is one of the reasons why I like eHaley, she has a really flexible playstyle. She can sling spells, do the assassination thing, or make a warjack hit really really hard.

and a Centurion, as an heavily armoured freight train to wreck stuff

The rest of her list includes Storm Guard as a road block unit, and some Gun Mages, because guns is the reason I got into this faction.

Major Victoria Haley
Centurion (bonded)

Journeyman Warcaster

Storm Guard
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team

So far the pole dancer has had a couple of outings and performed quite admirably, despite my ineptitude. With some practice, I think this 35 point list is very solid, even if there are individual elements that could be replaced (such as the Storm Guard and Black 13th).

So that brings us to Captain Haley, who seems to have a bit of reputation. Deserved or not (but probably deserved), this is not the reason I’m looking at her as my second ‘Cygnar redux’ caster. She is next of the list for the very simple reason that I have very little to paint up for her army list.

She likes guns and she really wants a gun line with a bit of melee punch to finish the job when the enemy finally get to her through Temporal Barrier. So guns huh? I can do that.

To start with Gun Mages are on the top of the list, and I already have those. Then we have Thunderhead, which is a model I’ve had painted for sometime and have never played. After those Aiyana & Holt seem a good option, and a have a Defender ready for the Gun Mages to jack marshal, although he might get replaced by a Storm Strider in short order, although I need to build that model first. Aynway, that seems a good start for a 35 point list.

Next up? Well, I really have to finish those mymridons so I play the eVyros synergy list, but I also have a box of Rangers, and those open up Siege as a viable caster. And I like Siege, because he has quite a  BIG gun!

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