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Objectives and Flags


Two of the key components of Steamroller scenarios are objective markers and flags. Normally at club we use cardboard tokens cut to the appropriate size and a D20 to mark damage, which is ok until either the dice gets knocked or a stiff breeze moves the token.

There are obviously better solutions to this. Various companies make plastic objective and flag tokens, but we don’t have any of those around here and they are fairly generic. The best approach, visually, is to use an actual objective or flag mounted onto a 50mm or 40mm base. I made two flags to accompany my Retribution army and these have been great, but I need a third. We also have a set of flag markers with flags on them at SPIF which have been handy.

Cygnar Objective MarkersUnfortunately I haven’t had the inspiration or time to make real objective markers, and since using my Cygnar, I really wanted some Cygnar themed objectives and flags as well.

So after an evening playing on the computer, I made up some base inserts to use in 50mm bases for objectives, and then I did some for 40mm bases for flags. And then, because I didn’t want to waste space on the paper, I did some objective markers and flags for the other factions. All of the other factions.

And here they are in PDF format for anyone to use.

The basic idea is really simple. Print and laminate these, and cut them out using a compass cutter (I’ve marked the centre of each insert with helpful a red, white or black dot). And because they are laminated, damage can be recorded directly on the objective. Neat huh?

UPDATE: If you didn’t want separate objectives and flags for every faction you own, here are some generic inserts featuring the Steamroller logo. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Objectives and Flags

  1. Reblogged this on Miniature armies, huge time sink. and commented:
    Check out this idea for some great and quick objectives for your games!

  2. Reblogged this on Obi's gaming and painting and commented:
    Great idea. Thnks a lot for your work.

  3. Love these! I shared them on my Google drive for others in the community. If you’d like me to remove them, please let me know

    • Glad you like them! I’ve added a second file featuring the Steamroller logo.

      • neathleanan I tried to reach you on the PP forums but it didn’t look like my messages were going through.

        I’ve made some of these and I’m looking sell them for a little $ to others in my local area to help fund my army collection. Just wanted to reach out to check if have any issues with this?

  4. Many, many thanks for these. They will come in handy for our Steam Roller and themed objectives and flags for our club. Great work neathleanan.

  5. Sweet markers!

    I just put up a link on the swedish warmachine and hordes forum too.

  6. I love these! Any chance of an update for SR2015 with the different objective types? I made some for myself but my artistic skills are lacking. My attempt:

  7. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing!

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    Another WordPress blogger, “AnythingWorthDoing”, posted this blog a long time ago (2014 Vintage). It includes a link for printable Objective and Flag markers.

    In some of my Battle Reports, you will notice that I use a 50mm base with a Cygnar logo for my objective. It comes from this Blog.

    What I did – Was a printed the Objective Circle (Cygnar, of course), and then super glued a piece of a card sleeve on top of it (improvised laminating). You can then use a dryerase marker on the damage counters to keep track of your Objectives health.

    My goal is to make a set of these for all the factions for my LGS. 🙂

  9. Thank you for these they are amazing i was wondering if youy have any for the newest three factions?

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