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My Sweet Valentine


I have been waiting a long time to get my grubby little paws on the third incarnation of this particular elf, Eiryss, Mage Commander Hunter. Her rules were initially spoilt back in August and she when on general release in December. My model, arrived at the very end of January.

Two weeks later, and as a Valentine’s gift to myself (oh, that sounds bad), I finished up the last touches on this model and here she is.

Eiryss 3

As I do not have Mage Hunters in either my Rahn or eVyros‘ lists, I think she will probably replace the normal Mage Hunter Commander in Ossyan’s 50 point list. This said, I also think she will also be good for Kaelyssa and Ravyn (especially Ravyn, an Eiryss with Snipe…).

Now I have her painted in time for VoltRon’s Paint the Target thing in February, the Houseguard Thane really has to be the next thing painted.

2 thoughts on “My Sweet Valentine

  1. Looking great. The basework is particularly impressive, while not overshadowing the painting. Good work.

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