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Killing the Dwarf


Those of you still with your fingers in the Games Workshop side of the hobby will have noticed some changes to their monthly magazine, White Dwarf, recently.

The pale short one has been around for a great number of years and has been through more than a few format changes. I reviewed the previous incarnation last year when the Tau Codex was released, and whilst the content was a little lacking, I could not fault the production values. As a tool to show off the games and the miniatures it was peerless.

So almost a year on, what has changed? Well as of this month the monthly White Dwarf is no more, and will be replaced by two magazines, White Dwarf Weekly, and Warhammer Visions. The first being a weekly catalogue of the new releases plus some of the hobby/game articles from classic White Dwarf; and the second being an excuse for lots and lots of pretty pictures.

Rather than review them here, I have included this excellent ‘first impressions’ video from Monty’s Reviews.

P1060978I suspect Warhammer Visions will not last long, at least in this form which is interesting because I believe GW has some obligations to publish the Store Finder, including independent stores, in a monthly magazine.

White Dwarf Weekly I’m a little more hopefully about, however GW is only supplying it via hobby stores, obviously to increase footfall. In my scenario where the nearest hobby store of any kind is an hour away, this seems like a poor decision. In theory the move to a weekly magazine is to support weekly releases, however I remain unconvinced.

Annoyingly, the fix for White Dwarf is one gamers have been asking for for years. Just include some gaming and additional background material. Its not as if GW digital division isn’t already writing this stuff at a fierce rate.¬†This small change in content would do nothing but good things for White Dwarf’s circulation and Games Workshop’s turnover.

Unfortunately, I think it is too late and that the decline will continue; and I for one will be very sorry to see White Dwarf pass beyond the veil.

3 thoughts on “Killing the Dwarf

  1. Now seated that the right hand of Grimnir, Lord Grombrindal passed away after a long battle against illness. RIP White Dwarf.

  2. That does look disappointing. Shame I was lookin for more fluff; it’s what sucked me in to Games Workshop. I DO love WH and 40k, but their literature could take some lessons from No Quarter.

  3. Considering they have some excellent IP, a great catalogue of miniatures, and some really talented creative people on board; someone somewhere seems to be hell bent on making really dumb decisions. My suspicion is that White Dwarf has not been profitable for a long time (not that it needs to be as a marketing device) and this is a rather heavy handed way to make the magazine pull its own weight, or justify killing it completely.
    No Quarter is not perfect either, but the entire approach of Privateer Press to its community shines through this and all their other marketing channels; and puts Games Workshop thoroughly to shame IMHO. Someone in Nottingham really should take a hard look at their entire business model, and not just their P&L.

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