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Fire Starter


There are relatively few models or units in Warmachine that are worth taking in multiples. Griffin light myrmidons are an obvious example with Epic Vyros; and the Phoenix heavy myrmidon is another example, although probably only with Adeptis Rahn.

So accordingly, I have built a second Phoenix, this one actually. Complete with crazy flame effects from one of the Malifaux accessory packs.ย And because I used the flame effects (to represent the Phoenix’s combustion special attack), I also thought it was only right and proper to paint the lighting from the flames on the myrimdon.

So this is two new painting techniques for me.

First up was painting the flames, which are mostly painted inside out, with the brightest colours in the deepest parts of the model, starting with white and P3’s Hellfire, blending with Blazing Orange and going into black. This is a little counter intuitive, but I think I have pulled it off.

The second new painting technique is object source lighting. In this case, painting on the glow from the fires onto the Phoenix. I thought this would be really tricky, especially so on this model because it was painted in many pieces before being finally assembled. However with no need to be particularly precise, it was surprisingly easy to tint all the armour panels that needed the effect.

Then to finish off the model, I added some water effects as the heavy myrmidon is splashing through water. Although it is not visible in this photo, I have also painted flagstones around this foot so it looks like part of the floor is submerged.

With this guy done, I have a couple of new acquisitions to build and paint for the elves before moving onto the next big project, the robots.

5 thoughts on “Fire Starter

  1. Very nicely done! That flame effect is great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This, Sir, looks awesome!
    As I am normally no fan of “special effect bases”, think this illustrating of the Combustion *Attack is sweet. I guess even Scyrah gives a approving smile in her long sleep to it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Nice complement for a base. I love flames.


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