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A (Very) Few Good Elves

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I have already posted my non-Theme Rahn list and I will try that later in the winter once my Houseguard Thane arrives. In the meantime, I have a cunning plan with Rahn’s No Quarter theme list. When I used this before, I concentrated on getting two units of advance deploying Stormfall Archers on to the table, and while interesting, I think I may have missed a trick.

The theme list gives two interesting battlegroup benefits. Firstly, at tier two, colossals and heavy myrmidons gain +2 SPD on the first turn. And secondly, at tier four, myrmidons with arc nodes become one point cheaper.

Obviously the first of these is nice for getting that Hyperion up the table, and none of the Retribution myrmidons are slow to start with, but moving a heavy up to 18″ on the first turn is an interesting trick. And if that heavy has an arc node so much the better. This makes a Phoenix a natural choice to include after the Hyperion. And at nine points, a myrmidon that was great value is even better value. Maybe I’ll take two then…

Moving a heavy up 18″ on the first turn is an interesting trick

Between those three models that is 36 points of my list to start with. Actually, because I need some Stormfall archers and two Magisters to reach tier four, we are already up to 45 points. Normally this would be a good point to throw in a jamming unit such as House Halberdiers, but unfortunately they won’t be able to keep up with the big guys so that is not going to work.

Thankfully Phoenixes’ are fully capable of clearing infantry, and the Hyperion isn’t exactly defenceless, so the first stop is some support for these, which means two arcanists and Sylys to ease the focus burden on Rahn. This leaves me with just seven points to play with.

For the first draft of this list, I think that this will be Epic Eiryss and an Apsis; however that might change because both a second unit of Stormfall archers or a unit of Battle Mages would be very useful additions to the army.

Rahn300Fires On From High, tier 4

Adeptis Rahn
Slyls Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker

Stormfall Archers (Leader & 3 Grunts)

House Shyeel Magister
House Shyeel Magister
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

So that’s a 50 point army, with four robots, and only 11 elves. Probably a little on the small side, but at least it shouldn’t be too bad in deathclock games. It is going to have some troubles in some scenarios because it is so compact, but it does put down a different skew for Retribution.

Unlike my previous Rahnpisode, I will try to get in a good set of games before getting completely disheartened. This list did get out for its first game this evening, and I really screwed up my positioning, and gave away the first turn when I shouldn’t have; so not the best of starts. This said, arcing Force Hammer through a Phoenix on feat turn, twice, won me game. Although in fairness it took Hyperion to finish Drake MacBain.

Of all my recent games, I really think this win was undeserved however I learned a lot, such as slamming things into bigger bases is fun. I know some players keep a journal of their games and matchups, and that seems like good idea so I might try that. The aim for 2014 is to improve my game, a lot; and that requires more table time, and probably a tournament or two.

You can all get off the floor and stop laughing now.

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