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The Year That Was 2013


In the twilight days of 2013 we have a new Doctor, and somehow I have had a rubbish year despite the fact no one has died and I mostly have my health. No pleasing some people.

In term of hobby, this year has been a Warmachine year. I have played some Warhammer 40000, but very little despite the fact my two main armies, Tau and Eldar have both received new Codexes.

m3610076a_60040199040_EscalationWithGiftIcon01_873x627For Christmas, I was given the new Escalation book which looks quite good, although I am a little concerned for the game as a whole as Games Workshop are publishing digital codexes at a fierce rate. I imagine it would cost a small fortunate to keep track of the entire system these days.

I am not going to do a full review of the Escalation book, however glancing through it, I can’t see that the new Lords of War rules are going to break the game as some people have feared, and I like including these bigger models in the game outside of huge Apocalypse games.

I am a little disappointed by the lack of units in here for certain armies. Adding a few extra xenos Lords of Wars would have been appreciated, although I guess this would be duplicating entries from the Apocalypse book. This said, I now have rules for my Baneblade and Revenant titan, so who knows, they might see a gaming table in 2014. Stranger things have happened.

Robots, Robots, and more Robots

Unsurprisingly, the angry elves, my Retribution of Scyrah Warmachine army, have received the most attention this year, even getting to a couple of tournaments (which is far fewer than I would have liked).

Despite a lack of time for painting, I have added a couple of new units, three warcasters, a Colossal, and some other bits to this army. And I have more in the painting queue including a Phoenix myrmidon which is undercoated, in pieces, and ready to start.

Gaming wise, I think I have nailed Ossyan‘s list at 50 points so next up will be Rahn and Epic Vyros. Rahn in particular will be interesting, because he has all of the tools I like in a warcaster, but he and I have not had good experiences in 2013.

If I can escape the temptation to purchase more elves, I already have some Convergence built up and many more Cyriss models in boxes and blisters. There is also a stack of Vallejo Model Air paints ready for when these are built.


Unfortunately because the Houseguard Thane isn’t available until January, he and Eiryss 3, will have to wait until next year. But in the meantime, I have got a few vaguely wargaming related upgrades.

The first is my new iPod Touch. I have been after a replacement for my ageing Sony MP3 player for a while, and although I really hate admit it, I am really impressed with the iPad I have and iOS in general (although iTunes is still horrible).

The iPod Touch is basically a iPhone without the phone bits, and at half of the weight, it is a severely pretty piece of kit. Strangely, first two Apps to be loaded onto it were War Room and Battle Clock. The third App was Podcasts.

When I start travelling again for work, this is going to be really useful.

My second upgrade was to my hobby gear. I have been looking for Windsor & Newton Series 7 paint brushes in Sweden for a bit, and then my frankly incredible wife gives me four of them for Christmas. Insert. Massive. Enormous. Grin. Here.

Series 7

Although I’m hardly a top-level painter, I am looking forward to putting these through their paces. Expect a review of these at some point in the new year.


And finally, no Christmas in this household would complete without Lego, so here’s a picture of my new Jedi Starfighter.

God Jul, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jedi Starfighter

3 thoughts on “The Year That Was 2013

  1. For “somehow I have had a rubbish year” sounds like 2013 included a few positives
    Sweden is a beautiful country with good people.

    Tau now get “Overwatch” shots also by their nextdoor units where for others “Overwatch” is only by the single unit Assaulted…. And enemies need to survive Tau firepower and Riptides before enemies even THINK about “Assault” 🙂
    Tau “Hedgehog of guns” anyone?

    Eldar increased their high mobility I’ve seen you use many times (“Battle Focus” move, shoot, run or else move,run,shoot).
    And a 60″ range 1d6+1 shots “Waveserpent” ??? Not bad for a basic runabout taxi for Eldar ordinary joes…
    And excellent paintbrushes from your wife to add to your existing spraygun etc ?

    If that’s a bad year, then I hope you enjoy a really excellent 2014 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Hope all your family enjoy a wonderful Christamas and a Happy New Year and 2014,
    Caesar (retired 20December 2013)

  2. Gott Nytt År 🙂

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