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Ravyn’s Revenge


It strange how just a couple of games can completely renew your enthusiasm for this hobby. For various fairly boring reasons, I have not been able to play much Warmachine over the last four weeks so after a long day at the office, I was very happy to be able to go to club on ‘Magic The Gathering’ night and break out my angry elves.

This probably requires some explanation for my friends back in England that run their own gaming clubs. SPIF in Helsingborg have their own permanent gaming venue. This includes a roleplaying area, painting room, and two gaming rooms with permanent gaming tables. This is an incredibly lucky position to be in, and means club can be more flexible than a regular gaming club.

Normally, the guys do miniature games on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with Thursday reserved for CCGs. So when I turned up on a Thursday evening, I recognised nobody as I walked through the door. Thankfully, my opponent walked in straight afterwards so the mutual “Who are these people?” moment passed quickly.

The Eternal Light

Anyway, the main point of this was to warble on about my updated 50 point Ravyn list, and here it is…

RavynRavyn, The Eternal Light

Mage Hunter Strike Force (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Strike Force Commander
Stormfall Archers (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Stormfall Archers (Leader and 3 Grunts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

Ghost Sniper
Ghost Sniper
Mage Hunter Assassin
Mage Hunter Assassin
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
Lanyssa Ryssyll, Nyss Sorceress

The big difference at 50 points is swapping out Discordia for the Hyperion. This gives me a really heavy hitter and some much needed resilience. The increase in points also allows me to add a second unit of Stormfall Archers and two Ghost Snipers.

Unfortunately Snipe juggling becomes more complex because there are four different units which really want the Upkeep, but the standard approach is to place Snipe on the Strike Force to begin with because they are a huge threat to any squishy warcasters (and even warlocks). Once the Mage Hunters are engaged (or more likely dead), Hyperion really likes this spell, and the Stormfall Archers sometimes get the spell if a good opportunity arises to drop brutal shots into harder targets.

Seconds Away, Round One

My opponent, Rikard, brought a Mortenebra tier list with five Helljacks, including a Kraken. Despite being Cyrx heavies, which do not have the mightiest armour in the game, I thought these lists were a good matchup. Normally I struggle with Ravyn against heavy lists because her army wants to be murdering lots of infantry, however I should able to at least hurt Helljacks. On the other hand, Rikard’s Helljacks specialised in killing infantry, leaving the Hyperion as his biggest problem.

For our first game, we played Process of Elimination. Reading that the scenario had the Killbox artifice, Rikard’s shoulders dropped a little and he checked his tier bonuses in case Mortenebra herself gained Stealth on the first turn. Alas, no.

So Rikard took the first turn and ran everything forward, except his warcaster who shuffled to the side to avoid as many of my Mage Hunters as possible. Fully expecting the game to end immediately, he passed the turn.

My closest Mage Hunter was half an inch out of range. Damn!

I moved up, popped my feat and… my closest Mage Hunter was half an inch out of range. Damn! The rest of the unit proceeded to cut out a good potion of the Cyrx support staff (because I couldn’t see the HUGE but sneaky Helljacks) and then the rest of my army killed (?) all of the Scrap Tralls on the table. In return, Rikard scuttled up the Kraken which mostly dined on Mage Hunters and moved the rest of his remaining Helljacks all over the place thanks to Overrun and Terminal Velocity.

Things were looking bad, and then I got Ravyn (with Vortex of Destruction up to get lots of lovely boosted damage rolls) into the Kraken, followed by Hyperion. The Cyrx colossal died super fast, and the Hyperion managed to one-shot one of the objectives. Elsewhere in this turn, a Mage Hunter Assassin almost killed a Harrower by herself and other crab jack got shot to pieces.

Looking at the board state, I thought I was safe, in a dominant position, and was appropriately smug. Then Rikard assassinated my caster and won the game.

HyperionSeconds Away, Round Two

We both briefly considered changing our armies, but decided we couldn’t be bothered. This said, we did change the scenario to Close Quarters, and this time I went first and I was a lot more cautious. Probably far too cautious.

Instead of running my Mage Hunters forward, they advanced and murdered all of the advanced deployed Scrap Tralls on the table. In return one of my Mage Hunter Assassins got a Reaper Helljack to the face.

From there, this game quickly degenerated into an attrition-fest with Mortenebra staying away from my infantry in fear of my feat, and me slowly chipping away at the Kraken. When I finally dispatched the mighty warmachine, my own colossal was sitting pretty in one of the zones, with Ravyn hidden behind it (not falling for that trick twice Mr).

Although Rikard managed to remove one half of Hyperion’s grid, he didn’t have enough stuff left to hold onto that zone and stop me from dominating it for a second time. In a cinematic ending, Ravyn herself won the game by destroying the Harrow in a furry of attacks. Good girl!

So that was my first two games in ages, and I have to say they were two really fun games against a great opponent; and I am now appropriately enthused about playing Warmachine.

This Ravyn list seems pretty solid, but I think Epic Eiryss would solve more problems than her Prime version does, and I’m thinking about switching out Lanyssa for a Magister so Ravyn can use Vortex of Destruction without getting killed immediately afterwards. This would be nice.

7 thoughts on “Ravyn’s Revenge

  1. Yeah Jason runs pEiryss with Ravyn and I have frequently asked why it wasnt the Epic version. Your two games represent why I think a lot of Ret players have a hard time, too much too soon.

    Whenever I play Ret players, which isnt frequently to be honest, its all about pressure for the assassination straight away and less about making it happen turn 3/4. You appear to be starting the piece trade with your Assassins, have you considered pulling them into the middle/back of your force and using them as an ender piece rather than an opening one?

    Whats your thoughts on the new Eiryss, Jason isnt so keen and wouldnt drop the Phantom Hunter but I am really interested in her with the Mage Hunter Strike force. I think it takes them up a notch in a different way.

    • Its a risk/reward thing thing pEyriss. IF she tags a warcaster, it is utterly devasting, so the threat has to be dealt with. My original thought was to use her with the Snipers to place 9 points of damage whereever I like, and have the disruption bolt in reserve. Of course, in these two games, it didn’t play out like that.
      eEyriss on the other hand has more utility which is super helpful against Hordes (especially Skorne).
      Eiryss 3 I really like. We have a strong Hordes meta here and I think adding Snipe to an Eiryss, and gaining Reform, outwieghs losing Phantom Hunter. This said, I don’t have the model yet, so I haven’t used her.
      And on Assassins, you are absolutely correct, and the same also goes for my Ghost Snipers which got sacrificed to contest zones. Obviously need to practice more!

      • I really like running the Fane Knight whenever I play as I use Rayvn as my warcaster, and love the “fluff” part of running the two together. I should probably finish my Hyperion he’s just sitting there in the corner unpainted and not based.

      • Hyperion seems to go very nicely with Ravyn. Snipe makes it a better gun platform, and Vortex of Destruction makes it terrifying in melee. The only thing Ravyn is missing is a movement buff which is why Lanyssa is in this list, but I’m not sure it is necessary.
        Although I would love to do the fluff thing with the Fane Knight, he works much better with Kaelyssa.

      • That is true too many people here play Hoardes so I haven’t had much luck with Kaelyssa. The Fane Knight and my Phoenix have had done well fixing up my weakness in melee as I haven’t gotten a squad of Houseguard Halberdiers yet to deal with tarpiting.

  2. Glad to see you are getting back into it. With all that has been going on with me (wedding) I havent really had the time to put into the hobby. The couple of lists I have been putting together have been good though, looking forward to getting my Harby list on the table but it has to wait to get some paint.

    Have you looked at Malifaux? Its kicking off here in a big way.

    • We have a few Malifaux players. I’m too attached to dice, so it doesn’t appeal to me. I do want to have a try at Infinity at somepoint and I have some models and the rules. Just need to find time and energy
      Until then, I will be sticking with Warmachine, and probably just two warcasters.

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