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An Arcanist, and very little else…

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I have a cold. This is not particularly newsworthy, but it is the reason I’m writing this post (whilst watching 127 Hours), instead of painting an Apsis that has been teasing me for most of the year.

As you can probably tell by now, this is going to be one of those ‘I have nothing meaningful to say’ posts. So if you have read to this point, I apologise.

If you keep on reading, its your own fault.

My hobby output for the past few weeks has equated to one game, which by all rights I should have lost because John smashed my entire army leaving me with just Ossyan and an Invictor standard bearer. And one almost finished Arcanist.

In fairness, I had great plan which involved the kids watching several movies and my Apsis also getting painted, however last weekend didn’t quite work according to that.

However with the bit of travelling I’ve been doing, I have managed to concocted a paint scheme for my next army which should be faster to implement. Suffice to say, to the airbrush will be seeing some use in the coming months.

I’ve started using PP’s Formula P3 paints


The only thing vaguely resembling news around here is the fact I’ve started using PP’s Formula P3 paints. This is entirely Games Workshop’s fault for changing their entire paint range, which has left me with quite a few colours which are now rather tricky to match.

I had already started to use more and more Vallejo paints, which I like, but I wanted to also try some of the PP paints because I’ve heard good things about them.

Although as a general rule they are much harder to find than Vallejo or GW paints in Europe, but I’m pretty lucky that my closest games shop happens to be a bit of a Privateer Press specialist. So picked ten different colours, including the three different flesh tones, and I’m rather impressed.

Compared to other paints, they seem to be very pigment rich so they have good coverage, and because they use liquid pigments, they are great for blending. All in all, a welcome addition to my hobby kit.

After many months searching I have also managed to find a ‘real’ art shop reasonably close to where we live, and picked up my first high end paint brush, a 3/0 Winsdor & Newton Series 7 (the only series 7 they had in the shop). When I actually get around to some painting I will post some thoughts on this little beastie.

Anyway, that all for now folks. Hopefully next week will be more going on, plus I need to write up a War Room review at somepoint…

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