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Its been another quiet week on the hobby front (yes, recurring theme I know), but there are still things happening, if not much. As I have not mustered up the enthusiasm to paint things, I have been building things.

eVyros2Given it is now autumn, this is actually quite a good idea because when it gets cold in this country, it get very cold, and spray primer dislikes those sorts of temperatures. This has also given me a bit of an opportunity to assemble some stuff that was a long way back in the queue.

One example is the Houseguard Heavy Rifle team. I have had the blister for ages and I had a vague idea I might use them with Ossyan, but in all honesty their rules are somewhat… lacking. This said, the models themselves are really really nice and whilst I’m lacking inspiration to paint anything else, I thought I might as well start these.

As things do, this led me to assembling other un-used models from my Retribution collection, so I now have a stack of elves waiting for me to do some gap filling with green stuff (or possibly grey stuff).

Amongst these models, is Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard. This was one warcaster I was determined either not to buy, or at least to wait a long time before I started working with him.

As it happened, somebody at club was selling his Retribution collection, and I gained this model as part of that, and then I assembled a Destor Thane, and then I thought, well its only one more model to build…

This was obviously a fatal mistake because having spent two evenings assembling this guy, I have to say eVyros is one of the nicest models in the Retribution line.  This is a model I’m quite excited paint, and that does not happen often.

Unfortunately the flip side of doing a new warcaster is that sometimes you need other models to get the most out of them.

Unfortunately the flip side of doing a new warcaster is that sometimes you need other models to get the most out of them. The Incissar is a very good example of this because of one of his signature spells, Synergy. While I like the idea of abusing this spell and having lots of light myrmidons, (hello Griffon spam), the idea of building and painting the things fills me with less joy.

In fairness, I have both an Apsis and a new plastic Griffon sitting on my painting table next to Vyros, but I’m unlikely to be getting any more in the immediate future. Thankfully, reading through eVyros’ cards in War Room has sparked some other ideas to take him in a different direction.

To begin with, this elf’s feat can potentially trigger a lot of out of activation movement, which is a good thing in my book. In particular, moving high value pieces such as Vyros himself, or the Pain Knight, or Narn, or even one of the Eirysses seems to have huge potential to screw with your opponent. I Like this kind of thing.

Secondly, while I think I can safely ignore both Twister and Lock the Target as situational spells at best, Deflection is very solid and it is not the only armour buff available in Retribution. Given that elves are normally very fragile, the idea of running them as a brick is, umm, interesting.

Finally, while I’m not going down the all Griffon path just yet, it is interesting to note that Synergy is a battlegroup spell, so it affects Vyros as well. And of course with Bird’s Eye, any Griffons in the list are armour 18 all the way around, and engage models in a rather large area. This seems good and could be interesting combined with Invictor’s flank ability.

Happily, all of these ideas come together quite nicely in a 50 point list, although I think it needs some work still. Of course, this is quite OK because there’s at least four models I need to paint, including the big elf himself. Sounds like a plan…

Anyway, that’s some of my mad Friday afternoon thoughts.

Trevlig helg, as they say in these parts.

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