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And that was Summer…

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I have been a little quiet on here recently because life has generally got in the way, however now the summer seems to have finished, its about time this blog got an update. So what has been happening?

A Tale of Two (Failed) Assassinations

Well, first up my local club had a small 35 point Warmachine tournament just over a week ago, and sufficient to say, I didn’t do too well. With exactly eight of us, we played three rounds with deathclocks and some of the more unusual scenarios from the Steamroller 2013 pack.

As we had the option of taking two lists, I bought my tried and tested Kaelyssa list, and a very experimental Ravyn list. Of course, I didn’t get anytime to practice with either beforehand and it kind of showed.

In my first game I faced Marcus’ jamming MacBain army with Kaelyssa. Despite some screw ups on Marcus’ part, I just could not deal with the Boomhowlers plus Alexia and her undead friends. Of course, it shouldn’t have been a problem because my plan was to stall them long enough for Kaelyssa to apply the killing blow.

Unfortunately, she fell three points short and then got clobbered by Marcus’ only jack. Umm, not the best start to the day.

My next game was against some Dwarves and I decided my Ravyn list needed an outing. This list was designed with two things in mind:

  1. I wanted to try Invictors and Hyperion with Ravyn.
  2. I had recently finished my Halberdiers, and not used them yet.

Unfortunately with squeezing these elements in left me with very few points left for solos. One point to be exact. That would be an Arcanist then.

Anyway, for this list’s first outing, I faced Gorten Grundback playing the Process of Elimination scenario. I plan was fairly straightforward, jam the Dwarves with the Halberdiers and shoot stuff, a lot. Cycling Snipe between the Hyperion and the Invictors helped me knock out the Heavies, and then Halberdiers stalled the Forge Guard long enough for Ravyn to score on one zone (just the big guy squashed the objective with one fist).

Despite messing up my deployment, this was the only game of the day I played well and I finished with four minutes on the clock and five control points.

For my last game, I faced Max and his Lich Lord Asphyxious army. Although I had never played against this caster before, I knew it would be a challenging game even if Max is pretty much one of the nicest opponents you are likely to meet.

Strangely enough, the Blood Witches, Bane Knights, and Bile Tralls ran towards me, but on his second turn Max left Asphyxious a little further forward than he should have, and left no focus on him, believing him safe behind a wall.

This was to good an opportunity to miss, and Ravyn moved up (which was a bad idea), and popped her feat. The Invictors’ opened up with three three man CRAs, but the damage they inflicted was a little below average and they left the Lich Lord with three points of damage remaining.

Retribution, so to speak, was swift. Max killed one of his own Blood Witches, popped his feat, and used the undead Blood Witch to one shot my caster. Damn.

One win and two losses. On the plus side, I got to roll some dice, so I was quite happy, but I really need to practice more, especially with a clock.

To finish the day, my Elves got voted best army which was really nice.


Roses are pink…

Although my performance with my Retribution was, err, unsurprising; I have already started to work on the next project; revisiting my Cygnar army, with a slight Mercenary angle.

To this end, the only thing I have actually painted in the last two weeks has been a single Gun Mage, and because they are going to feature in my (very small) Highborn force, I’ve gone down the Llaelese road with him.

It took a bit of time to decide on a simple rose design to paint freehand onto these guys, but as you can see, the design I have seems to work and at least looks like a rose.

One down, six to go!


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