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On a Dying World


It is a funny thing trying to write an army list for my Eldar. On one hand, I already have a huge collection of stuff, and there’s loads of options in there all ready to be played immediately.

On the other hand there is the temptation of the ‘shiny’, the new things. This means building and playing (sometimes buying) new toys. This is satisfying because my painting has improved greatly over the years, but it also takes a REALLY long time. And the models required, the longer it takes.

The flip side of this is the incentive to get things built and painted so I can use them. Thankfully I’m at a stage of life where buying stuff is not a problem, however getting the time to do the hobby bit is an entire different matter.

So this is my dilemma. Either way, I want my Eldar to be my 6th Edition army. My Tau and Marine armies are fun, but the pixies are my first love in this game, and after a great many years they deserve some attention.

Thankfully, I had already made some progress on the ‘new’ version of my Rath-Torhan army. The troops are built and painted, and I have some tanks and units in various stages of assembly. Wait a minute, this is starting to sound like a plan…

With the exception of the War Walkers, everything in the list below is built and at least I do not need anything new. Unlike my Tau, this seems like a very small elite force but on the plus side, that means less to paint!

Mauga Ra 195
Farseer Nanathera (singing spear) 105
Warlock Bodyguard, 3 Warlocks, Warlock (singing spear), Warlock (jetbike) 195
Dire Avengers, 9 Dire Avengers, Exarch (power weapon and shuriken pistol)
Wave Serpent
Windrider Jetbikes, 3 Jetbikes, Jetbike (shuriken cannon) 78
Rangers, 5 Rangers 60
Fire Dragons, 4 Fire Dragons, Exarch (fast shot)
Wave Serpent
Warp Spiders, 4 Warp Spiders, Exarch (powerblades) 135
Night Spinner (holo fields) 130
Falcon (holo fields) 140
War Walker Squadron, 3 War Walkers (shuriken cannon, scatter laser) 195

Looking through the Eldar codex this seems a less than optimal build, however I like these models so I don’t particularly care (until I get fed up of loosing with them). The obvious solution would be to drop either the Phoenix Lord and/or the Warlocks and add in another unit, but for now this will do.

Looks like its time to crack out the airbrush again!

3 thoughts on “On a Dying World

  1. It’s sure is an elite list, but I can understand not wanting to rush out and buy more models. It’s probably better seeing how your elite list works before making more purchases.

    A couple of things that stood as odd. I don’t think exarch are that needed anymore as most units got the special rules without having to have the exarch now, eg. hit and run on the warp spiders etc. This may be a hold over from only having the units at the right size with the exarch model, but optimally I would drop the exarch and have more bodies instead. The other think was the lack of upgrades on the wave serpents. I think they should always have the scatter laser turret and capapults upgraded to a cannon (as you can fire 2 weapons while moving 12″, plus the scatter lasers would make the cannon and wave field twin-linked) and the holofields for the +1 cover save is very worth while.


    • Very sound advice! I’ve seen Wave Serpents configured with just the twin linked scatter lasers to take advantage of the serpent field discharge weapon and that seems pretty points efficient.

  2. Waveserpent with Serpent shield 115pts + Scatter laser 05pts + Holofield (4+ “Jink”) 15pts = 135pts
    Serpent shield 1d6+1 shots at Strength7 AP- Ignores Cover Pinning, is err “generous”,

    But it is the Range=60″ that is broken (sorry a “game changer”) – Waveserpent and Fire Prism now outrange Lascannon R=48″ and Missile Launcher R=48″
    (very useful given many Eldar weapons are only short 12″ range)

    Shuriken Cannon +10pts to replace Shuriken catapults is optional on Waveserpents, since Fast Skimmer can only shoot 2 weapons at full effect. (3 shots Shuriken Cannon does give Str=6 and “Rending” on 6+, but would add +10pts cost per Waveserpent)

    Windrider Jetbikes are only 17pts each +10pts for 1/3 Shuriken = only 61pts for three ;
    You showed me a while ago that Jetbikes give mobility to add some firepower wherever needed [ 🙂 ],
    and Shuriken weapons are now improved with “Rending” on 6+ to wound 🙂 :),
    and Jetbikes are “scoring” Troops units ;

    For War Walkers I’d use Starcannon (R36″ Str6 AP2) with Scatter laser, so both weapons are R=36″ and Starcannon AP2 shots might nail Centurions (save=2+, Toughness=5) outside their Range=24″ Gravcannon or R=18″ Gravguns range (Centurions can take “Grav Amp” to re-roll “to wound” or else re-roll effects against vehicles). 🙂

    5 Warp Spiders 10 shots at Str6 AP- should get 6 hits, 5 wounds = about 2 dead Marines or else = 1 “Glancing” and 1 “Penetrating” hits on ADR11 RhinoRazorback – needs just a 3rd “Glance” to wreck the ADR11 vehicle.

    Rangers R=36″ snipers are always useful against high toughness enemies (e.g. Monstrous Creatures)

    I’d recommend some anti-Flyer weapons (perhaps 160pts Crimson Hunter and/or 50pts Quad Gun in 50pts Aegist Line or 75pts Bastion “Fortification”). While you MIGHT shoot a Flyer down on 6+ “to hit” a Flyer, the odds are really NOT good for normal weapons that do NOT have “Skyfire”!
    Chaos S.M. “Helldrake” has ADR12, 3 Hull Points, 5+ invulnerable Daemon save, plus “It Will Not Die” for I think 5+ chance to regenerate a Hull Point… and GW FAQs gives Helldrake 360 degrees arc of fire to place a “Torrent” flamer template anywhere within 12″ range, and Helldrake’s “Torrent” breath weapon is Str=6 AP=3,
    and that is in addition to the 1d3 “Vector Strike” hits on one unit that the Helldrake flies over. Good value for I think 175pts, and really NOT good for opponents on the receiving end of Str=6 AP=3 Helldrake firebreath!

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