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Fighting Xenos Scum (with Xenos Scum)

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I got my first game of 6th edition Warhammer 40000 this week. John at club very kindly agreed to show me the new rules, whilst using it as an excuse to roll out his Eldar army.

Strangely enough, the scenario we rolled up was Cleanse the Xenos. Intriguing for a Tau and Eldar army…

It was an interesting game, and I’m pretty sure there were things we got wrong (forgetting Deny the Witch and how Ethereal’s leadership is used string immediately to mind), but here’s the highlights…

  • Going first, and especially seizing the initiative, is lethal vs Eldar, and I suspect Tau also. In particular Skimmers rely on moving to get their jink save. Without some kind of save, they die fast.
  • Penetrating shots with AP1 weapons really hurt vehicles, but apart from that, vehicles seem to be far more survivable than I expected.
  • Infantry die fast. Real fast. Although that might just be Eldar rerolling hits and wounds.
  • Wound allocation is very different and I need to pay more attention to the position of my models, especially my drones. I screwed this up and proceeded to lose Stealth suits as a result.
  • Melee is less of a thing than it use to be. Even with my terrible unit placement, Overwatch did enough work to ensure after a unit was eaten in combat, the attackers were easy to deal with.
  • Removing cover saves vs targets especially vehicles is very good. I really like Smart Missile Systems now.
  • 33 pulse rounds make very short work of Guardians. Likewise, Swooping Hawks shoot up Fire Warriors pretty quick.
  • Eldar now move damn fast, and in particular Battle focus is horrible.
  • Wave Serpents are also horrible. Period.
  • And finally, pre-measuring ranges feels like cheating, especially when using Tau.

Despite promising not to cry, John still took it really easy on me. The final result was a pretty convincing victory for the little blue guys, but I think some freaky luck helped. Either way, a lot of stuff died in our game.

I also noticed that because vehicles are generally slower now, I ended up with a lot of positioning problems, especially on the turns I wanted to make use of the Fire Warriors. With some more experience, I could work with this, but it was a little frustrating.

Anyway, it was a very good game although considering my opponent, I would expect nothing less.

Annoying I also didn’t have a suitable dice bag for my Tau (despite the fact I have a few) so Ruth has fixed that for me as well this weekend. This means the old business card box can be retired at last.

I have updated the background for my Eldar, and I’ve even written an army list. Both will feature in future blog posts, but for now I think I’ll let my Tau off the leash for a while.

But first I need to practice for a small Warmachine tournament next month…

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