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An Eiryss for All Occasions

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The third incarnation of our favourite human hating elf was available on pre-release at GenCon this weekend and thanks to we now know exactly what she does.

Eiryss3One Faction Girl

First off, Eiryss3 only works for one faction now and has come home to the Retribution of Scyrah. Hands off humans, she’s ours now. In fact, she’s ceased being a solo and mercenary all together, and is now a unit attachment for Mage Hunter units. At the moment this is Strike Force and Infiltrators.

Assassin Upgrade

The second thing to mention is Eiryss’s Arcane Haemorrhage ability. This removes Focus, Fury and upkeep spells cast by the target. The really important word here is Fury. Until now, only Kaelyssa had the ability to mess with Fury in our faction.

Now Eiryss can make any warlock a valid assassination target. This is huge for the ‘assassinate things’ faction.

The really important word here is Fury.

In addition to this, Eiryss has gained weapon master on all of her weapons. And she has Quick Work. She’s obviously been training.

THE Mage Hunter Commander

Eiryss’ other new abilities are connected to her other role as a Mage Hunter Commander. Granted: Fearless is really useful as Mage Hunters generally have a problem if they have to start taking command checks, but other two abilities are where I think she makes her money.

Tactics: Advance Deployment is a big deal for Mage Hunter Infiltrators which didn’t have access to this before. This means we now have two advance deployment units, and one of them is a very credible speed 7, or speed 9 with Ossyan. Nice.

Granted: Reform makes our quick units quicker, and possibly gives some interesting attack vectors such as pulling Strike Force back after shooting, or moving Infiltrators forward to engage models or take objectives after chewing on some victims (in a ninja type way).

Given Eiryss’ speed and the fact she does not grant Phantom Hunter (because that would be silly), the obvious match will be with the Mage Hunter Infiltrators, although I can see possibilities with Strike Force.

Either way, Hordes players beware, we now have a way to get rid of all of those lovely transfers, and mess with your Fury management. After the Elara thing, I think most Retribution players will be very happy with this release.

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