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Fishmen with Tanks

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Its all OJ’s fault. After a trip back to Blighty, and a couple of pints (well, one pint, because I’m rather a light weight drinker), I’ve come back home all enthused about playing Warhammer 40000 again.

While I briefly mused about cracking out my Eldar, I decided my Tau would be easier to start with. Besides, John at SPIF very kindly agreed to educate me on the new rules using his Eldar, and a mirror match just didn’t seem right.

Some time with the Tau codex, and I have a list with lots of battlesuits (the one below actually). There is nothing super clever in here but at 1750 points there seems to be a lot of stuff.

In particular its great to see the return of my Pathfinders. Without requiring a Devilfish transport, these guys have almost halved in points. This said, its not all good news. with the Broadsides getting their railguns downgraded to heavy rail rifles, they have been dropped in favour of a couple of Hammerheads. While I really like tanks, I suspect they are not going to last long.

Still, the first thing is to relearn the rules, and once that is done I can start tuning this army. Never know, the first change might be switching to Eldar…

Shas’o Por’va, Commander (plasma rifle, missile pod, shield generator, stimulant injectors, onager gaunlet) 160
Aun’o Tsua’m, Ethereal (homing beacon) 55
Fire Warrior Team, 11 Fire Warriors
Fire Warrior Team, 12 Fire Warriors
XV8 Crisis Team, 3 Crisis Shas’ui (plasma rifle, missile pod), bonded 159
XV8 Crisis Team, 3 Crisis Shas’ui (plasma rifle, missile pod, advanced targeting system), bonded 168
XV15 Stealth Team, 5 Stealth Shas’ui (two fusion blasters), Stealth Shas’vre (homing beacon, markerlight & target lock, two gun drones), bonded 245
Pathfinder Team, 8 Pathfinders 88
Pathfinder Team, 8 Pathfinders 88
Skyray, twin-linked smart missile system, disruption pod 130
Hammerhead, twin-linked smart missile system, submunition rounds, disruption pod 145
Hammerhead, twin-linked smart missile system, submunition rounds, disruption pod 145

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