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Return to the Golden Swan


With a handful of exceptions (which were mostly mercenaries) I have only painted elves in the last 12 months. This means my Retribution of Scyrah army has been coming on quite nicely, but it also means I’m a bit burnt out. Finishing the Houseguard Halberdiers has been a real struggle, but for now, they are the last Iosan models to complete the three 50 point lists I want to be using for the next few months.

“A change is as good as a rest.”

I have plenty of other projects sitting in various boxes waiting to be assembled, but given that I’m still in Warmachine mode, and I do not want to start a new faction yet, perhaps a return to an old project is in order.

When we moved here, the first model I painted was my Thunderhead, but I have never used him, or even unpacked my Cygnar for that matter. Umm, sounds like a plan…

Objectively looking at the models I have, I need an additional unit  to start playing at 35 points (these tend to be the smallest games at club) and I would like to start with a new warcaster.

The choice of unit was easy, I already had some gun mages and although they were not assembled, I had at least already cut out the base inserts of them.

For the warcaster, I have some options as I have Nemo3, Caine2, and Stryker2 all in blisters, but in the end I decided to assemble Captain Haley.

Now before everyone groans, I will make no apologies for liking Haley’s epic incarnation. She is great fun to play because she is really flexible (must be for the pole dancing) although I will admit her feat is horrible to play against.

Captain Haley on the other hand seems very straightforward and really helps protect a Cygnar gunline. As I mostly have Cygnar models with guns, this sounds good. Besides, I have enough friends already.

Anyway last year I ordered the exclusive Captain Haley model directly from Privateer Press, because the standard model is, err, flat, so it’s also a great excuse to get it painted. Especially as the model was pretty easy to put together.

So that’s my challenge, start painting blue stuff and NMM gold again.

And for the record, I will not be picking up a Stormwall any time soon, which means my Retribution will remain my competitive Warmachine army for a while. Let’s see how long that lasts…

5 thoughts on “Return to the Golden Swan

  1. just wanted to point out that eHaley is a Major rather than Captain. Just being picky 😛 Other than that, nice NMM gold going on there, and get a Stormwall in fact get 2 you know you want to 😀

    • I appear to have had a reading comprehension fail. Perhaps I should pass an IQ test before commenting again.

      • If I playing Cygnar seriously again (they were my first Warmachine army), I suspect a Stormwall might make an appearance. But for now, I really need to assemble the stuff I have!

  2. If you are going back to Cygnar then you should seriously consider getting Boomhowlers. The Swans have a boat load of friendly buffs which arent faction, in addition with Captain Hayley they are a serious scenario piece, add in Temporal Barrier and they become a power house.

    Also had to laugh that you are pegging these as not your tournament faction, Cygnar are really competitive even without the Stormwall especially with the caster choices you have picked.

    • Once I get the Storm Strider I’ve had for over two years built and painted, I might start looking at more units. If I decide to get competitive with Cygnar, there’s a few things that I need, and Boomhowlers are on that list, but for now, I have had quite enough of painting large infantry units!

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