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Ice Ice Baby

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With the Hyperion finally painted, it seems like a good time to get to some of those smaller models in my collection that have been overlooked. One of these is the Nyss minion sorceress, Lanyssa Ryssyl.

Of course, the utility she brings to the table obviously had no bearing on this decision….


Despite being an elf, I wanted her to look a little different to my other Iosans. To begin with, I decided to make her even more ethereal, so I used a very muted palette of neutral colours, and as a winter themed model, I made her cloak of feathers, white.

With her paint scheme chosen, I wanted to try something different with her base also. To tie in with the rest of my army, I used the same water effects and paving, but in her case, it seemed very reasonable that the water beneath her feet should be frozen.

To get this effect, I created the base as per normal, and then in the ‘wet’ area, I used water effects with a tiny bit of turquoise ink mixed in. Once dry, I painted over the water effects with a lay of crackle paint.

This stuff is normally used for scrapbooks and it shrinks as it dries to create a crackled surface. I know there are a few different makes on the market, but I used Ranger Crackle Accents.

Once that was completely dry, a few glazes of thinned white paint was applied. This flowed into the cracks to highlight those, and made the surface slightly opaque just like real ice.

To finish off, a few patches of fine snow/pvc mix was added and voila, a frozen water feature!

One thought on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Nice colour scheme, and “white on white” feathers is not easy to do well. Caesar

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