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Tactless Tape

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The past week has been annoying. For varying reasons, I haven’t managed to get any actual gaming in for a couple of weeks. This means Rahn and my Battle Mages still haven’t hit the table.

On the flip side, I have been able to make progress on the Hyperion project.

As an idea candidate for the airbrush, getting this model base coated has actually been surprisingly quick, just a single evening’s work for each of the main colours. Highlighting with the airbrush was a little more challenging because I’m working with edge highlighting rather than zenith highlighting, but at least it is started.

The Tamiya low-tact tape I have has been invaluable for masking various sections of the model whilst I have been using the airbrush. In particular I’m rather proud of the stripe detail on the left shoulder pad and right knee, which although fairly simple, is very clean on the model.

The only problem using the airbrush is that the thing takes a lot of time and effort to clean properly. And for the record, I really have to get some Vallejo Model Air colours, at least for the simple colours such as white, because citadel paints can be a pain to shoot through the thing.

Anyway, the next task is to start all of the detailing. As this is a big model with a surprising amount of detail this is going to take a while. This said I’m hoping to get him finished before the end of May.

WGB-BAG-02-US-101st-AB-Dice-Bag-600x873KOed News

One of the other distractions from my Hyperion has been my wife’s little business, KOed Dicebags. Several months ago she started working on an order for Warlord Games, specifically a set of bags for their Bolt Action game, and that has taken over the workshop in our house.

The first three designs (101st Airbourne, German Army and Soviet) are already shipped and available via Warlord Games’ webstore and Ruth shipped the first batch of the fourth design at the end of last week.

However, as they seem to have been popular, we are doing a set of another four designs which is great for her business. And because I needed to digitise these designs over the weekend, I did I couple of extra designs for myself at the same time.

Well, my Retribution really did need a new embroidered bag, as does the mistress…

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