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OK, its taken a while but my fourth Retribution warcaster is painted and ready to hit the table!

Rahn300Although he has lost a bit of his power in the post Colossal meta, Adeptus Rahn is still one of the Scyrah’s premiere casters, and he has telekinesis which is one of my favourite spells in the game, and to be honest, its one of the reasons I miss playing Major Haley.

Rahn’s movement shenanigans do not stop telekinesis. Oh no. His big pointy stick gets beat back, which is appropriate as he is chief Battle Mage. And it even has a critical slam, which is the kind of thing I’m likely to forget when it might be useful.

Then we get to his spells… Polarity shield denies charges, which has potential. Force Blast pushes things around that get too close to his jacks, and Force Hammer is a ranged slam. And he has enough Focus to cast it twice. And a feat that can fully boost both slams.

Umm, nice. I think I can work with those tricks.

Work and sensible match ups allowing, I’m hoping to play him this week at club. However I do need to figure out a list. It is entirely possible it will include the Battle Mages I painted earlier in the year and the two Battle Mage solos I have. Plus an arc node.

Unfortunately his ‘Fires from High’ theme list will have to wait until I get one more, admittedly quite large, model painted. That might take some time as the downstairs room is swamped in dice bags for at the moment.

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