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First Naval Cadre, Dal’yth Prime


No expansion without equilibrium.
No conquest without control.

Shas’O T’au Shi’ur

As it the eve of the new Tau Codex release, and someone asked for it, here’s some pictures of my Warhammer 40000 Tau army. As the title suggests, there’s a nautical theme to these guys, as according to the fluff (which I made up) they  belong to a Hunter Cadre assigned to defend the oceans of Dal’yth Prime.

In their day, my little blue guys enjoyed some tournament success and I even got banned from playing them at my local gaming club. Sadly they have not seen much table time since 5th Edition Warhammer 40000 but with a new shiny codex that might have to change.

I will get around to taking some more up to date pictures of my Tau at some point, but for now here are some older pictures of some of them; enjoy…

3 thoughts on “First Naval Cadre, Dal’yth Prime

  1. Looking good. I just started painting some Tau, too (irrespective of the upcoming codex). Therefore I really enjoy seeing some Tau.

  2. Ah this brings back memories. The joys of Englishmen running from the foothills of Wales safe in the knowledge they’d bagged all 4 trophies between the 2 of them! I even managed to get slaughtered by those pesky Tau with the Kroot head on a base 🙂

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