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Your Geek Fu is Weak Old Man…


They are times where I have to concede, I’m not as much of a geek as I used to be. One example was a conversation at club a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing movies and video games, and shall we say, I was a little out of date.

Mad Scientist

It seems, as I get older, finding time to keep up with numerous games, TV shows, and movies gets more and more difficult. I may be a sci-fi junkie, but I don’t think I’m the geek I used to be. I haven’t even seen The Hobbit yet. I’ve obviously been slacking.

This blog and my wargaming are the two areas I still get to exercise my geek fu, thanks to a very understanding wife and family. Over the next year, I plan to do more of both, including attending more events (read: Warmachine tournaments) than I did in 2012.

The first part of the plan (ok, plan could be a little generous) is to get a serviceable 35 point Retribution army painted. In fairness, I’ve had over 35 points (of my its only ever going to be 15 points’ army) for some time, however the objective to have a functioning tournament army for at least two warcasters.

Kaelyssa’s 35 points is done, except for one three point solo. Ravyn or Rahn will probably be next, and thanks to my incredible wife, I have an airbrush project to follow them called ‘Hyperion’, and a unit of House Guard Halberdiers to add. Once these are done, I will have options which will be nice.

Actually, the Hyperion project will probably spawn more than a few articles by itself so expect to hear a lot about him.

The second part of the plan is to continue posting on this blog at least once week. While it might not seem it at times, I did achieve my objective of one blog post per week last year, at least on average. Hopefully in 2013 I will organise these better and there will be something every week.

To promote the blog, just a little, I now also have a Facebook page for it. This is going to have links to each of the blog posts as they are published, and any other random hobby stuff I find and like, plus even some work in progress pictures. And, if anyone wants to contact me or contribute to the blog, the Facebook page is a great place to do that as well.

While I think if it, I will reiterate one of those points. Although I started this blog for my own ramblings, if anyone out there wants to submit an article or two, I would be delighted to hear from you and despite being a little out of my original meta, it would be great to see input from any of the people I know back in Blighty. You know who you are.

A special mention should also be made of the Iron Agenda Blogging Network which Anything Worth Doing is now a member of. If you interested in Warmachine or Hordes, check them out because there’s a lot of cool blogs on there, plus the Hand Cannon guys (who run IABN) have a great site of their own and a podcast entitled Removed From Play.

I’m also going to add shout out to the Texas Renegades’ Road to War podcast which was recommended to me by another former Chief Muppet. Its all good stuff.

So what else is going on?

Well, I’m trying to lead a vaguely more healthy lifestyle. I could come up with lots of noble reasons for this, but the simple truth is, I could really doing with getting a lot fitter. So far, this is translating into using the push-bike a lot more or walking at lunch times; whilst listening to podcasts.

This is great (and necessary) but it eats a lot of time.

I am also trying to learn a second language. Given that my French was pretty disastrous at school, it should come no surprise to anyone that I now travel around Europe a lot for work, and live in a country where English is not the primary language. Shall we just say, I did not anticipate this 20 years ago.

Anyway, despite the reality that everyone in Scandinavia speaks fluent, if not perfect, English; I’m trying to learn Swedish in between everything else. Don’t expect miracles, but if I can order a coffee without resorting to Engelska before the end of 2013, I will feel that I’ve made significant progress.

In addition to all of this, the slow corruption of my children is continuing and even my youngest is now a fairly mean Uno player. Anyone with children will know exactly how much time and energy they consume. As fantastic as they are, the trade off is less time to charge my geek fu batteries.

So for 2013 the aim is to consolidate the things I’ve already started. Expect to see more angry elves, a few event reports, maybe a handful of product reviews and even the odd ninja.

But don’t expect me to be fully up to date with geek culture. It seems I can’t keep up anymore…

2 thoughts on “Your Geek Fu is Weak Old Man…

  1. 2013 projekt: Mer arga alver, och även udda ninja….
    Gott Nytt År och glad 2013 till er alla (och lycka till lärande svenska)
    (Svenska av “Babylon” ella av “Babel fish”)

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