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Base Basics

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A while ago, before this blog was born, I posted an article on my previous blog about how I created the bases for my Cygnar army.

centurion side

With a few tweaks, I’m using essentially the same process for my Retribution basing, however as it had not been mentioned this blog yet, I thought it was a good excuse for a hobby article.

Prior to my dip into Warmachine, I use to use citadel sand and bits of slate to cover my bases. Well, most of them anyway; the sand effect for my Tau army was achieved via the cunning use of sawdust. Suffice to say, the basing formula hadn’t changed much for a long time.

This was quite ok, because I knew what I was doing, it looked great, and it meant my models actually got based, which had been a problem in the distant past (some proof of these exists with my original eldar models).

Anyway, after seeing some rather nice paved bases at a Warhammer Fantasy tournament, and with getting into Warmachine, I thought my steam fantasy robots needed to stomp to war on cobbled streets.

Essentially, there are three ways to get this effect.

  1. Buy precast cobbled street bases. Plenty of small companies do them and they normally look great, although they relatively expensive if you want a lot, and most people only do a handful of designs.
  1. Sculpt your own!
  1. Use textured plasticard.  Great, however Warmachine models are based on round bases, not square ones; and I can barely cut a straight line with a pair of scissors at the best of times (I’m even quite rubbish with left handed scissors).

As I wanted to create my own unique bases, and as I’m far to lazy to sculpt them in green stuff, I went with option three and found some textured plasticard in a local Model Shop.

circlecutter_thumb[4]So the next problem was to cut a reasonable circle. Enter the compass cutter pictured here, a fantastic little device that with a bit of practice, and set to 23.5mm diameter, cuts perfectly sized inserts for 30mm rounded bases.

The basics sorted (pun intended), I set about embellishing the design with different shaped inserts so I could add rough ground, puddles, etc. very easy and very effective.

With my Retribution, the textured plasticard changed, but the theory remained the same. However using the leftovers, I added strange curved shapes to many bases to add a bit of elfiness. I have also used a lot of water effects with the elves because I wanted them to look as if they were in a ruined and drowned Iosan city.

One feature I enjoyed adding were the numerous water lily leaves which are really easy to make. Together with the left over wood elves twigs and leaves these really look the part.

50mm Elf Base

My latest addition has been some very simple water lily flowers. I’m quite proud of these, and I think they will look great painted pink.

Anyway that’s how I do my Warmachine bases. I’ve also been playing around with crackle paint to get ice effects, but that’s a story for another time…

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