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Earlier in the year I did a review of a few podcasts I was listening to. Well, it is about time that got updated because I have been listening to two other Warmachine/Hordes podcasts quite a lot since then.

elitecadre.wordpressElite Cadre

The Warmachine podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously according to the tag line. Elite Cadre is recorded by some regular tournament goers in the Birmingham area of the United Kingdom, and is very English. As such, it is a great taste of home and English humour, which is something I occasionally miss over here.

Amongst all the community features and general madness, the guys also have a section entitled ‘Spelling it Out’ where they analyse one particular warnoun and share their wisdom…

After a year, the Elite Cadre are running a professionally produced and highly entertaining podcast. Highly recommended! However, moving on…

Chain-Attack - Warmachine and Hordes Battle ReportsChain Attack

This is my favourite Warmachine hit at the moment. The idea is very simple, it is a podcast battle report which takes two warnouns, pits them against each other, and then reviews them after the battle. Very simple, but extremely well executed (as long as you ignore the earliest episodes).

So far they have gone through all the warlocks and warcasters at 35 points using the Steamroller 2012 rules; and they have recently started on running through everyone again with 50 point armies.

Best of all, they also keep to a fair tight time schedule so the episodes run at around an hour each. Considering the limits on my listening time, basically in the car home from work, this is great.

So there you have it, my favourite Warmachine podcasts at the moment. Other worthy mentions include Lost Hemisphere (very good), Removed from Play (good but a bit too long) and Muse on Minis (ok but too long and too serious for my tastes).

Happy listening!

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