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Steamroller 2013

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One of the changes moving between muppets and SPIF last year, was the the introduction (to me at least) of the Steamroller rules (linky here).


When I left the UK Warmachine was still very much a new thing at my local club and we were still getting our heads around the basic rules. The guys are SPIF on the other hand, are veterans; and I think the whole Steamroller format is much more prevalent in the Swedish meta.

Anyway, this means pretty much every Warmachine game I’ve played in the last twelve months has used a Steamroller scenario. And as a general rule, I suck at them.

However, 2013 is a new year and the guys at Privateer Press and Andrew Hartland (the Steamroller guru) have given the whole format a big overhaul. The final document still hasn’t been released, but here are some of the highlights…

Less Scenarios

In 2012 we had 18 scenarios. In 2013 there will be just 12. This is great because it lowers the whole entry level into the Steamroller format. As a new tournament player, and a player with a hectic life outside gaming this is very much appreciated.

However I’m a little sad the radial deployment scenarios are gone because they messed with some armies threat ranges, and that was a good thing.

Good bye reinforcements

Reinforcements are now a variant which can be applied to a whole tournament and all the scenarios, rather than a scenario special rule. I suspect they will not be used so much, but it does make list planning easier and removes the chance that you would bring something that does not get used.


This I do like. As a general rule, all the scenarios require more control points to win, which gives a little more time to come back in a game because in the 2012 rules, failing behind one control point was a big deal. However, the new Dominate mechanic means casters can score more control points, if they want to be in harms way…

As well as this, scoring has been simplified with standard scoring mechanics and only two sizes of control zones (12″ by 6″ and 12″ diameter). Again, this makes things a lot easier for new players and more importantly shifts the emphasis onto game play. I like. This even makes things easier for events organisers. Cracking Gommit.

Keeping it Simple

The last change I’m going mention is that the objective cards are now included with the scenario. On the same page. If my brief Steamroller career, a lot of the objective rules have got either ignored or forgotten, because we didn’t have the cards to hand. Including everything on one page is a great move forward.

So that’s the best of the changes I’ve heard of. I’m sure if you listen to other podcasts or have access to the beta rules, you’ll have a more complete idea of the new rules that I do, but apart from the rumoured 14″ killbox, it is all sounding great.

Rumour has it that Open Fist, the small tournament I’m booked into in Malmö might also used the new rules if the are published in time so I might find out how these rules work in practice.

Roll on 2013!

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