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The End is Nigh!!!

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With just three days until the world ends, I’ve gone and done something rather rash.

It’s right sports fans, this muppet has finally booked himself into a Warmachine tournament! Only took two years. The event itself is a small store tournament at the start of February in Malmö (that’s in Sweden folk, the bit of Europe that Abba came from). Entitled Open Fist I, it will be using up to two 35 point lists, deathclocks, and the Steamroller 2012 rules. Four rounds of fast paced action! Hope my heart can take it.

tumblr_m2wx6qHEZW1qdx2juo1_1280At this point it might be wise to admit that I suck at most scenarios in the Steamroller pack and my local club does not use deathclocks. Together with my definite lack of practice, I suspect I will be lined up as a baby seal to be clubbed.*

This is quite ok because I’ve done the clubbing in other game systems in the past. Besides, I can stun the locals with my command of the English language! Or not as the case might be. However it will be better than my poor Svenska.

Anyway, there are some bonuses in this event for fielding a fully painted army and as I have some honour, the first decision is to decide what to take. As I have only played the elves for the past year, that decision is not so difficult.

And my first caster is also an easy decision. I have been using Kaelyssa from the beginning of my Mage Hunting career, and whilst we’ve had our highs and lows, at least I understand how she works.

I have some concerns about the complexity of her army list as it has a lot of pieces to move around during a timed game but I’m hoping that more practice will highlight any issues. Being a slow player at the best of times, the deathclock is always going to be an issue, although I prefer the format to timed turns.

The second caster, if I take one, is more tricky. Ravyn is a hard counter to some of the best casters in the game and I’ve had almost as much table time with her as I’ve had with Kaelyssa. On the other hand, Rahn has telekinesis and many other tools to screw around with positioning, and this really appeals to me.

However, the problem with Rahn is that I need to paint him, and a good portion of his force, although the Battle Mages are almost done already. Umm, decisions decisions.

Whatever happens, Ossyan is staying at home because he simply doesn’t work for me, at least not at the moment.

In all honesty, even my Ravyn list requires some work. Painting Aiyana and Holt would be a start, but there also some other elements I want to add, including an epic version of a certain Mage Hunter. Shall we just say in her case,some assembly is required.

So while I’m looking forward to the crushing disappointment some folk will suffer on the 22nd December when the world is still here, I will be using the opportunity to get some painting done, play some games and enjoy Christmas with the family.

God jul och Nytt År!

* I hope we don’t need to add that this blog does not condone seal clubbing in any way shape or form, whether it refers to gamers, or actual seals.

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