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Objective one from my last post was “play more games”, and last night I managed to get to SPIF and give my new Kaelyssa list a run, including the first outing for Skyreth Issyen, my newly painted (but not quite finished) Fane Knight.


The game was 35 points vs Iron Lich Asphyxious and Max’s shiny new Kraken (plus some other stuff), playing the Supply and Demand scenario.

The Kaelyssa list is the first of three ‘standard’ lists I’m trying. The idea being to use one list with each of the three main casters I want to use, and learn exactly how to use those lists. The byproduct would hopefully be three lists I can use in a tournament with little or no modification.

The First List

The first list consists of Kaelyssa the Night’s Whisper, a Phoenix (a late change from a Banshee because I decided I really needed the arc node), and Sylys Wyshnalyrr for the free upkeep and arcane secrets boost. This is a little small for a battlegroup, but in fairness all the good stuff in Retribution tend to be units or solos.

Speaking of which, I have two units; twelve Dawnguard Invictors (including the officer and standard) plus a Soulless Escort and marshalled Griffon1; and a minimum unit of Mage Hunters plus commander. The Invictors are the heavy hitters, and the Mage Hunters are there to pick off support units and look scary. In both cases Kaelyssa’s feat should help deliver these models safely into the fray.

The last element is Skyreth Issyen. With Kaelyssa’s feat to protect him, Skyreth is the second heavy beat stick after the Phoenix, although I suspect he is a bit of a glass hammer. Either way, one turn where he can not be charged and has stealth will be critical to getting him up the field.

With the one point left over, I included an Arcanist, because they are just useful. For some strange reason Kaelyssa never seems to have enough focus, so power booster always comes in handy.

Seconds Away, Round One!

Did it work? Well yes, sort of. Against Asphyxious Kaelyssa’s Backlash spell set him up for Kaelyssa to finish the job herself, one shotting him with an arcane secret boosted Arcantrik Bolt. This came as a bit of a surprise to me at least, but this trick worked really well.

This said, if I hadn’t pulled off the assassination, Max was in a really good position to win by scenario because I basically abandoned my own objective. In hindsight this might not have been a good move.

Stars of the game were the Invictors which refused to die to blast damage from the Kraken or any of the spells thrown at them, and rerolls on CRAs are also insane. In total they almost wiped one side of the Kraken and removed half of Gaspy’s health via Backlash.

The Mage Hunter Strike Force were a little disappointing although this is probably because my target selection wasn’t ideal, and I misjudged their 12″ range and left them all 13″ away from the Kraken during my alpha strike turn. Despite being an excellent all round jack, the Phoenix did the disposable arc node thing and got squished with ease by the Kraken.

My new Fane Knight was less than spectacular, because I completely screwed up his deployment, and then failed to charge him toward Asphyxious. Not an perfect first outing.

SkyrethonfootMy Little Pony

Apart from having a pointy spear that hurts a bit if you forget it is pointing upwards (yes, learned about that one during deployment), what does the Fane Knight do?2

Well, he is a dragoon, so he has the cavalry rules until he is dismounted. On the charge this makes him MAT 10 which is very nice. He has a strength 13 spear, which he has trained a lot with, so he is a weapon master. And because he is really good with it, he gets to use it twice every turn. And if an elf dies within his command range, he gets angrier, and becomes strength 15.

This puts Skyreth firmly in the beat stick camp, and that’s not counting the fact his spear is Blessed or the impact attacks from his mount.

At five points, Skyreth is on par with the other character dragoons in the game and he fills a specialised role in the Retribution of Scyrah which is a little different to the traditional combined arms approach of the faction.

With Kaelyssa, the Fane Knight also benefits from her feat greatly, while requiring no additional support or focus from the caster. This sounds great to me, although I obviously need to figure out how to use him better.

 1. The Griffon was actually part of Kaelyssa’s battlegroup during this game, but that didn’t really work as planned because I didn’t have enough focus to run him every turn, so next time he is with the Invictors.

2. Obviously ‘nothing’ in this game.

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