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Regular readers of this blog (if there are any) will have noticed a distinct lack of new content in November. This mainly be due to work commitments, with a large side order of family, all completely consuming my time.

Normally under such circumstances, there would at least be some painting action, but alas, progress on that front has been even slower than usual, due in no small part to (a) a week long business trip to the south of Europe, (b) this muppet contracting the Black Death followed by a serious bout of man flu, and (c) Mass Effect 3.

So there you go, that’s all of my excuses out of the way, time to knuckle down and get some hobby time before 2012 expires.

First up on the list is play some games! Obvious perhaps, but now I have (most of) my Tuesdays back I’m feeling the need to roll some dice. Plus the Invictor’s newly painted officer needs some field testing.


Second up, finish the Fane Knight! I started painting him about three weeks ago and while I’m working on the little and often pointing approach, it would be nice together him done so I can move onto…

Rahn and the Battle Mages which have been undercoated for a bit also need some paint, however at least they are a step ahead of my eEiryss conversion, which requires some assembly. And quite a bit of sculpting.

After these, well lets just say there’s plenty of blisters and boxes of Warmachine stuff sitting in a box in well basement. And I’m pretty sure there will be more after Christmas.

Speaking of which, its been snowing outside so I’m required as a  snowball target by my kids…

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