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OK, Where Did the Muppet Go?


For reasons I have yet to fathom, the Autumn seems to always be the busiest part of the year for me. Whilst I do not travel as much as I used to, suffice to say, I have been on a few flights since my last blog post.

Painting Table

Combined with the temptation that is Fable III, and with a lot of family stuff in between the business trips, my gaming time has been severely curtailed, a situation that will probably continue until the end of the year.

However, I have been able to squeeze in a little hobby time amongst the chaos, and now have a minimum sized unit of Dawn Guard Invictors. This will be a full sized unit, plus officer and standard in fairly short order as I have already started the second batch of six models.

The plan is to use these guys with Ossyan where combined ranged attack, and the combined arms order (rerolls for CRAs? oh yes) should stack nicely with his feat which boosts damage rolls.

As I’m lacking any melee oriented units, I am also planning to use a minimum sized unit of Invictors with Kaelyssa. She tends to have two heavy jacks with reach anyway (the Banshee and Phoenix) so the Invictor’s flank ability could be interesting, especially as Kaelyssa’s feat can protect them very well while they setup charges. Besides, a Retribution ‘brick’ formation would be funny.

Whilst not as shooty as the Mage Hunter Strike Force or as fighty as Dawn Guard Sentinels, I rather like the combined arms approach of the Invictors so it will be interesting to see how they work.

After these guys are done, I need to get Rahn and the Battle Mages painted. My plan is to build the ‘Fires From On High’ theme list from this month’s No Quarter (number 44). Once I have the Retribution colossal, Hyperion (out this month!), I will have everything I need for a tier 4 army. Except the time to paint it of course!

Speaking of painting, I have also put together a basic wet palette using an empty Warmachine blister plus foam, a piece of grease proof paper, and a paperclip. I have to admit, this thing is great and REALLY useful, especially using Games Workshop paints that trend to dry up fast at the best of times.

I’m rather tempted to pickup the P3 wet palette at somepoint because this is just that useful, but for now my DIY one will do nicely.

2 thoughts on “OK, Where Did the Muppet Go?

  1. What is the paper clip doing? I didn’t see it in the image.


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