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Falling off the Hobby Horse

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Sometimes it seems like no matter how much hobby stuff I do, very little actually gets done. Despite having a good run over the past two weeks (which is one of the reasons the blog hasn’t been updated) the next month or so is going to be crazy busy so expect updates to be few and far between.

This is a completed random picture and largely unrelated to this article, although he is obviously cool.

Anyway, I’ve got my first game in with Lord Arcanist Ossyan and despite losing on scenario (because of my own incompetence) he did make a satisfying mess of my opponents army. Likewise, I managed to lose with Ravyn this week despite  being ahead on points and control points. This pulling defeat from the jaws of victory thing is starting to become an annoying habit.

Still, the aim is to play with a more attrition based style, and that is working well. At least for the games I have won, I’ve won with a good portion of my army intact at the end. This is progress.

One of the points I’ve noted in my past three games is that I need to play a faster more tricksy army, with a lower model count. As I was already assembling the Battle Mages to use with Ossyan (DEF 17 ranged vs ranged attacks is amusing), it made sense to also build Rahn as caster number four. Plus I haven’t played eHaley for ages and I miss telekinesis.

With plenty of focus and a fierce spell list, I’m planning go for a scenario winning list, so jacks, lots of solos, and (I hope you are sitting down for this) no Mage Hunter Strike Hunter (at least at 35 points).

So, the hobby horse continues on and I now have quite a selection of stuff built, undercoated, but not painted. However on the plus side, I have finally started on Narn and the two wreck markers that have been hanging around since before the summer. Actually, I suspect those wreck markers will see a lot of use with Rahn’s army.

On the minus side, I started playing Fable III on the Xbox which is a massive distraction. Well, by started, I mean picked up again after about 18 months. While I really enjoy video RPGs, they do tend to eat a lot of time. Still, could be worse, there could be another Halo game out this year or I could be travelling loads for work…

Umm, I suspect progress may be slow.

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