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Kaelyssa at 35

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I have finally got my 35 point Kaelyssa list completely painted! Not bad, only took about six months.


So, what do we have then? Well Kaelyssa for a start obviously.

Then I’ve got twenty points of myrmidons, one Phoenix, and one Banshee. The Banshee is probably the biggest change to this list replacing my Hydra, which has been great, but doesn’t hit very hard in melee. The Banshee on the other hand is a bit tougher and has a big Strength 17 sword with critical grievous wounds. And it brings shenanigans to the battlefield and we like shenanigans.

For units I have a minimum size Mage Hunter Strike Force plus Commander, and four Stormfall Archers. These guys are there to shoot things, and although the Mage Hunters can do pretty well in melee, if any of these elves are in combat,  they won’t last long.

Then finally I have my solos, and just like my Cygnar, my Retribution uses a lot of solos. To start with, I decided to keep in the two Mage Hunter Assassins. Although they are a priority target for any opponent, they can slice through certain models with shocking efficiency.

Next up are the Arcanist and Artificer. These guys are support pieces for the army, although the Artificer can pack quite a punch in required and often surprises people. And finally I have Sylys Wyshnalyr as my warcaster attachment for the free upkeep and Arcane Secrets when I really need to hit something with a spell.

The only things left to do are a couple of wreck markers and my reinforcements, including two Ghost Snipers. Once all the extras are painted, I will start on my second Retribution warcaster. I already have a few ideas for both Ossyan and Ravyn lists, but I think Ossyan and some invictors will be first up, and there maybe an airbrush involved. Probably.

In the meantime, my plan is to learn how to use this list against a variety of opponents and learn how to play faster; so I’ll be using Kaelyssa exclusively for a bit.

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