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Waving Flags

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Now I’ve started playing lots of Steamroller scenarios I need a few extra bits in addition to my Retribution army.

Retribution Flags

Although I haven’t decided what to do for my objectives, I have made a couple of 40mm flag markers. These were made out of some random bits from my bits box (some Dark Eldar Raider leftovers from my brother in law) and were really simple to do.

As I have an annoying habit of pickup up flat paper markers (which are normally template sized), having proper markers is great and I’m sure will be appreciated by my opponents.

In addition to this I have also painted Sylys Wyshnalyrr to improve Kaeylssa’s focus efficiency and I have another four mage hunters on the painting tables; although I really need to finish the Banshee first.

BTW, this is the 100th post on the blog! Gosh, time flies…

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