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Shooting Through Walls

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Another week, another long overdue blog post, and another kicking for my pixies; this week by Max’s pigs. Has to be said, War Hogs really really hurt. Actually, in fairness it was going pretty well up to the point the two steam powered pigs ripped apart both of my jacks in one round.

Mage Hunter Strike Force

Anyway, I have finally finished my Mage Hunter Strike Force so my 35 point list is taking shape. This is great as the local club is holding a 35 point Streamroller tournament at some point over the summer. This will an experience as I’ve played two scenario games so far and never played timed turns.

The event is going to be four games and the scenarios have already been decided using the “because I say so” system (which is by far the best way to make these decisions). I suspect we’ll be using a D4 to decide scenarios for the next few weeks…

With a few games in hand, I have some ideas on how to evolve Kaelyssa’s army list.

Firstly, the Hydra getting replaced. It’s a great myrmidon, but I really need a second heavy hitter. The Banshee fits this role rather nicely as its big blade is strength 17, same as the Phoenix’s. Its main gun and Banshee scream ability round him off just nicely.

This leaves two points, which is enough for Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the mercenary elf warcaster attachment. His job will be to pay for the Phantom Hunter upkeep on Kaelyssa and boost the few offensive spells she will be throwing around.

With these in place, my main challenge is learning how to use Kaelyssa. I can safely say she needs to stay out of melee to avoid getting squashed, so I need to be extremely carefully with her placement. Phantom Hunter will also help here as I want Kaelyssa close enough to shoot, but out of line of sight.

With the Mage Hunters in the list, her Backlash spell also has possibilities against Warmachine armies.

In addition to this, the upcoming tournament has a reinforcements scenario, so I also need an additional seven points of stuff. I was playing around with the idea of using the ‘pain knight’ Skeryth Issyen, but I think I’m going to go for prime Eiryss and two Ghost Snipers.

This will give some interesting options as the Ghost Snipers have a 20″ threat range, and between the three models they can place nine points of damage onto a target on a specific grid column or warbeast aspect.

Of course, disruption bolt from Eiryss can also be horrible if put onto a warcaster. Any opponent who knows about it will plan accordingly so a win-win situation!

I think I have all the tools I need, I just need to use them properly!

I have also made a couple of flag markers, and I need some ideas for objective markers. Also, as my myrmidons have yet to survive a game, I have built two wreck markers using some of the left over bits from the plastic kits.

Now all I need to do is find time to paint!

EDIT: Updated with photo.

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