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Hunting Beasties

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The elves have now had their first game and I have to say I learned quite a bit. To put this into context, I haven’t played Warmachine for nine months, I’ve never played my Retribution, and I’ve never played against Legion of Everblight.

Yep, I learnt a lot.

The game was a 25 point straight caster kill scenario, and my Kaelyssa list faced Epic Thagrosh (a fantastic big winged monster), Typhoon (a big three headed monster), four little monsters, and a spawning vessel; all under the command of the fearsome Alex (a very nice chap from these parts).

I took what I have painted, so Kaelyssa, backed by two heavy myrmidons, a Hydra and Phoenix, some Stormfall Archers, two Mage Hunter Assassins (groan if you like), an Arcanist and the Artificer.

Overall, this was a bit of a strange match up. Most of Kaelyessa’s spells were absolutely useless  as they are focused against warjacks and warcasters. Although Banishing Ward would have been good, if I remembered to use it. And Kaelyessa’s feat was also pretty useless in this game. No point being stealthy if your opponent’s warbeasts do not need eyes to see you!

Anyway, what exactly did I learn…

  • I really must remember putting focus on the Hydra extends range as well as increasing the strength of his force cannon. I must also remember to load it with focus in the first turn instead of camping focus on my caster.
  • Nobody likes Mage Hunter Assassins. Alex was very keen to remove them so they did absolutely nothing before being eaten.
  • The Artificer rocks and is surprisingly good in melee. Beat back  (thump something, move it an inch) saved me twice in this game. He was my man of the match, working on the principle Kaelyessa is a girl.
  • Kaelyessa’s Energy Siphon ability is cool, especially with her quite high RAT and True Sight. Want to hide in an ash cloud? That’s fine, I’ll just ignore the penalty then, shoot you, and use your fury to boost the damage!
  • Headbutting warlocks is great! And then obviously you have to punch them whilst they are down.
  • It is a risky business shooting in combat, however Kaelyessa stealing a point of focus from her own Hydra is just plain funny.
  • And finally, it is very difficult to transfer damage when someone is continuously stealing your Fury.

In the end there was very little left on the table, especially from my army. However in the last turn Kaelyssa put down Thagrosh with a single shot which was rather cinematic.

I think I will try to find space for the Artificer in most of my Retribution lists because despite costing 3 points, he is good on protection detail and has some surprising utility in melee. I’m thinking of saving the Mage Hunter Assassins for the Garryth list so Kaelyessa may gain a pair of Ghost Snipers instead.

The next step of course is fielding a 35 point list and for that, I really think I need another unit in here. Umm, Mage Hunters or Dawnguard…

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