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Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like An Elf


With A Small Matter of Honour out of the way, I’m now back into Warmachine mode. In fairness, this actually started on the drive to England as I spent more than a few hours listening to the Guts & Gears podcast.

And the nice people at Triple Helix also ordered in a new Vyre Heavy myrmidon, so that also came home with me. Out of the three options in the box, the Banshee has the most potential in my eyes. The shenangans possible with knocking over and slamming things with its ranged weapon just make me smile inside. Combined with Mage Hunter Assassins, this could be horrible.

When a finally got home, the Artificer and Arcanist quickly found their way onto the painting table and a week later, my Retribution can now field four points of new stuff! More importantly, my new Artificer will provide some defence for my very squishy warcasters while the Arcanist is there to give my big jacks a nice boost.

I am intending to build three Retribution lists at 35 points each as this seems to be the level played over here. The plan is to enter a Steamroller tournament at some point, so amongst other things, I really need to learn to play a lot faster! Three standard army lists should help a lot.

As I already have Kaelyssa painted, she will be my first warcaster. My second list will be based around Lord Arcanist Ossyan and will be very, very shooty to take full advantage of his amazing feat. I already have some Invictors on order, so those and the Mage Hunter Strike Team will probably put in an appearance in this list.

The final warcaster will probably be Garryth. His army will be very direct and include a fair few shenangans type abilities, including that new Banshee and the Artificer I’ve just finished.

Actually, to be honest, just playing some games would help, so that’s the first task; play some games and relearn the rules.

2 thoughts on “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like An Elf

  1. The real question my ex-pat friend is… where will you be attending tournaments? The nordic region of Europe or the shores of ole Blighty?

    • In Sverige to begin with, maybe Denmark. As everyone speaks perfect (and I do mean perfect) English up here, its pretty easy for us ex-pat types!
      Tournaments back in Blighty might be on the cards, but not until next year. And I also rather fancy travelling across the puddle for one of the big cons in the US. However that would require a lot of negotiation with the family…

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