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Well, I’m back in Sverige and desperately in need of some 40K practice (desperately in need of some down time as well because as I’m in the middle of a big project at work); so I decided to visit the local gaming club, Spela Mera, in Helsingborg this weekend. Only took seven months…

And having just got back home, I can safely say they are a great and friendly bunch of gamers! As well as catering for 40K, they also include a fair few Warmachine players (which is handy), play boardgames, play CCGs, do roleplaying, and even indulge in a bit of Blood Bowl (they have Blood Bowl tournament next Saturday, although I’ll be damned if I remember how to play). Better still from my point of view, they all talk perfect English. This is great because my Swedish is rather lacking, however it is a good opportunity to improve!

Anyway, this evening I played Alex’s Dark Eldar with my Grey Knights as I continue to try and figure out how to play them! This was my first game against Dark Eldar since they gained their new codex, although apart from gaining a bit of ranged firepower, they are largely the same, ie a glass fist.

I won’t going into a huge amount of detail, however suffice to say we played a kill point mission which gave me a big advantage. And I won.

However, I did learn a few things.

  1. Sanctuary is fantastic. This saved the game for me by thinning Alex’s assault squads, and completely saving my Land Raider from ten haywire grenades. Coteaz earned his points tonight.
  2. Vect is horrible. Really REALLY horrible.
  3. One Dreadnought is disgusting if you have nothing to deal with it.
  4. Coteaz, and the Dreadnought, performed much better when fully painted.

Now I’ve all but finished the Grey Knights for A Small Matter of Honour, my gaze is already slipping back towards Warmachine. Whilst I’m suppose to be having an ‘elf’ year, I’m awfully tempted to build and paint some gun mages first.

Either way, I will be taking a break from painting over the next few weeks so I can game and enjoy some family time.

Until next time, hej du!

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